astrology zodiac signs 2012

Zodiac Survey anyone… what’s your signs?

1. Spirituality; Do you believe in one consciousness?
2. Conspiracy; Do you believe the world will end on Dec. 21 2012?
3. Contraversial; Do you believe that some humans here on earth can channel extraterrestrials through their own Being?
4. Statement; Which one is it; ‘seeing is believing’ or ‘believing is seeing’?
5. Statement; Which one is true; ‘only circumstances matter’ or ‘only state of being matters’?
6. Spirituality; Do you believe that life is more like death than death is?
7. History; Do you believe that giants build the pyramids?
8. Time; Ultimately, is there ‘the past, the present and the future’ or is there only ever, the ‘Eternal Now’?
9. Intelligence; Why do you believe in Astrology, or if you don’t, why not?
10. Knowingness; It can be anything big or small but can you name 3 positive things about yourself right now and 3 negative things? (what can you be grateful for right now and what do you not like and prefer to change)

please add any and as much and appropriate signs that need be, I wonder would Pisces or Scorpio enjoy these types of questions
Thank you everybody for answering, here are my answers
1. One=Love Two=Dual
2. No?
3. Yes
4. Believing is seeing, you can’t see or experience anything unless you have a belief about it FIRST…
5. So, therefore, only the state of your being MATTERS, how do you define yourself? What you put out is what you will get back(circumstances are like mirror reflections of our state of being, though that is not to discredit the illusion for it is still real in a sense).
6. When you die it is like waking up from a dream into more of yourself(matter cannot be created or destroyed).
7. I say they participated all right but I don’t know all the facts. There has been found before and lately the fossils of giants on our planet, and it is also proven that with today’s technology, they still can’t figure out how those big blocks in ancient times all over the world were dragged for miles. I think mythology and folklore are actually living truths and stories of the past.
8. In a sense, in

Answer by Sorafanforever
1. I believe there are two…a subconscious world and a conscious one.
2. no
3. yes
4. both. If you see something clearly than you believe it to be true. When you begin to believe in something you start to see and perceive what it is you believe in.
5. Both: your circumstances affect your state of being. And your state of being can affect your circumstances.
6. No I don’t. Life may seem like death, but death is conscious of nothing at all. Life although it has its ups and downs is still living and breathing.
7. no. Aliens did 😛
8. I believe there is a past, something that we can no longer change. Even in an eternal now something has been done, which is past tense. There is a future because there are still things left undone even in the eternal now. What I am doing is present tense, two minutes from now it will be the past. In the future I will eat lunch 😛
9. I believe astrology has some truth to it. I am an introspective and meditative person. I can see how the signs and aspects apply to my life.
10. I am patient, strong minded, and compassionate. I am the champion of the under dog, this is truth. Negatively though, I am lazy, stubborn, and a know it all. This often gets me in trouble.

Answer by Vanessa Shelly Harmonium
1. Yes I do believe people can be aware of the world.
2. The scientifics are all wrong. Trying to figure out when the world was going to end.
The truth is the world isn’t supposed to end. If god has made the earth for his ”sheep” (metaphor for humans,people etc.) to live on. If he ever decides in his own spirits to end the world. That’s when we know. So when they say the wrongs going to end don’t believe it. They are not as smart as god is.
They only know so much information to carry them out through the days.

3. Oh yes I do, People may say on TV or were ever that stuff isn’t real. but believe when I say the spirits, ghost aliens etc. They are more real than you know. Call me crazy and all but that stuff is real.

4. I think seeing is believing. You don’t know what to believe If you haven’t had the experience.
You don’t just see with your eyes only You see with your emotions, strength every fiber of your body. You see with your mind your soul you heart. You cannot just lay your eyes on the price you have seen it. You haven’t really seen it yet like some others have.

5? I have no answer

6.Yes their is, There are stories about it. I believe them because the world may seem fake to you.
but once you’ve seen it. You won’t be thinking that. Yes I do believe in it. Its in the bible too.

7. Yes I do If you look in the bible they talk about giants living on the earths with the humans and animals. He talks about in the bible how the giants harmed the humans. They humans were rung by their neck and strung by their feet. The giants were very mean to the earth as well a god.

8. Yes their are people who can actually tell when that is. The world is full of crazy and unique people. So I recommend not to practice such. Its evil its better to let it come to you than to rush it.

9. In school when I was in the 1st grade they taught me how to to do astrology. So I know how to do it know because of them teaching me. I use it whenever I need to or when its appropriate. I don’t bring it up with my christian family. They don’t believe in it like how I do.

10:Positive: I make people laugh, I’m warm and some what kind, I’m secretly loving.
Negative: Impulsive,overly-emotional,angry

Answer by Sam
1. One consciousness? If you mean Jung’s theory of the collective unconscious then yes, I do. I see it at work in people’s in dreams, or in the stories that people write or the kinds of people we fall in love with, I see a lots of archetypes at work that seem so ingrained in the human mind, images we always come back to without any explanation for why we would.

2. No. Mayan spiritual concepts and philosophy are much too complex for us to take everything so literally. People are just repeating things they’ve never studied.

3. No. I believe that some humans want attention.

4. Believing is seeing. You’ll never be apart of something greater in life if you do not truly seek meaningful experiences.

5. Circumstance. Though state of mind is at work i.e someone might feel free or be at peace or find wisdom, be joyful,humbled, excited about life,many things while they are living out of their car or in the cold without a penny, or dying of cancer in a hospital, locked away in jail for a crime they didn’t commit. I think circumstance is still the deciding factor however, even if it is poor overall, there is an element of circumstance you perceived that led you to a state of mind, even if its just watching the sunset or reading a book that changes your life, or even just a culmination of past circumstances that made you the person you are today, that gave you your current state of mind, if you were about to die for a religious belief for example than perhaps a non-secular learning environment that you found yourself in allowed you to find meaning in a sacrifice. We all come to the world as babies,screaming and crying, so I think our state of mind evolves out of circumstance rather than inherent.

6. That would depends on what happens after death. I don’t feel confident that there is a literal world life after death. So my answer is no, life is nothing like death, and I can’t say that death is better. I do think that life chains us, while death makes us free. But still I’m in love with life, its like a romantic obsession, you can’t stop. Life is personal, Death is intellectual. To quote Cypher from the Matrix, “If I had to choose between THAT and the Matrix, I’d choose the Matrix!”
Trinity: The Matrix isn’t real!
Cypher: I disagree, Trinity. I think that the Matrix can be more real than this world. All I do is pull a plug here, but there… you have to watch Apoc die!

7. Absolutely not. I don’t believe in giants either, though they are delightful to see in Middle Earth or read about in a Brother’s Grimm collection. Its not personal, I do like them and all, but they can’t take credit for what others have done.

8. If we’re talking about the human race then probably an “eternal now” as you put it. For hundreds of thousands of years our history has been circular. And I hate to say it, but don’t think we last forever, its just a matter of time before we join other animals that have come before us. If you’re talking about me personally when you ask about the future or an eternal now then its even worse, our time as individuals on this earth is so short!

9.Its like Hellen Keller said about religion, though she was deaf and blind, “Oh yes, I know God, I just had forgotten his name.” Thats the way astrology was for me, I was already aware of all these traits inside of me for as long as I could remember, I felt them intensely, they were as plain as the nose on my face, just didn’t know that there was a name for them until more recently. You say this question is about intelligence but its more about intuition I think, you’re going to look foolish if you try to explain it too much.

10. Positives.
A) My imagination, sometimes its my only companion, and its certainly my salvation from a sea of troubles, I can first hide for them, I can second transform them, I can use my imagination to change my circumstance, make money for example, I write and do art for a living. “But I being poor have only my dreams.” -Yeats

B) My appearance. I feel like I make myself the person that I want to be. I can take a photograph for instance and in the picture it’ll feel like an entirely different person in every one. I think I’m vibrant and that shines out of me, its like a magic, like in Stardust the way Claire Danes could glow. When I put on make up and clothes I feel like I’m creating myself, the way people in ancient societies may have tattooed themselves or gotten piercings to become imbued with great abilities or powers. I don’t get myself together really to please other people, I do it to unleash something in me.

C) That it doesn’t take a lot to make me happy. I’m pretty spartan. I can do the same thing everyday and be happy, I can survive with very little money, I can see few people, I carry a solid identity that gives me the peace of mind to keep on.

Sorry I’m out of space… won’t let me write negatives, too many questions

astrology zodiac signs 2012

answer this question if you dare can?

so, there are 12 western astrology sun signs. and there are 12 chinese zodiac signs. it seems that everything happens in a cycle of 12, so does that mean that the same TYPE of people are being born again after 12? like,lets say the someone born on 1/1/2012@12AM and a person born on 1/1/2000@12AM(same location and everything), would that person be the same exact type of person? same chinese&western sign?what are the statistics in terms of compatibility between sun signs? would it look something like
60% Gemini’s usually end up with Cancers?
50% Aquariuans usually end up with Capricorns
Time is consistent / the stars are fixed. Astrology is based on time/location/and some of the stars.
So, would astrology too be consistent? Then everything is just repeating itself over and over from 1through12?
where does the study of astrology end ? is it something that you can finish learning?
where does it keep going?

Answer by Baron Otto Matic
12 is the magic number, it divides very easy. Astrology is a numbers game and everything must alternate. Add or take away one sign and that means a prime number.

There are 6 of each alternating masculine and feminine signs. 4 of each of the cardinal, fixed, and mutable signs. 3 of each of the fire, earth, water, and air elements. Each sign has 2 cusps if they used. Every sign takes up 30 degrees on a chart. 30 X 12 = 360 degrees makes a full circle. TA-DA the shape of the astrology chart.

Since it is all made up, astrology can’t have a solution. Though it’s history more things have been added on. Making astrology more and more complex. But not so much as there is plenty of people here that are self taught experts. Time is consistent, astrology is not.

Answer by pǝɹɥsıɹI♛

Have you been smoking crack?

Answer by morogo
AStrology is a study of not just the sun signs but of the influence of the planets from their position in the heavens.

A person may be born with a sun sign in Taurus, but the influence of his ascendant, and positions of the moon, mercury, venus, mars, jupiter, saturn, uranus, neptune, pluto and the parts (e.g., as the part of fortune which is a calculation of three positions in your chart) together and in their houses and their stresses and positions in a person’s chart can make the person’s personality and opportunities in life. People also have freedom of choice at each juxtaposition in life, so the complete combination of all of these variables is the study of astrology and the person.

Chinese Astrology Question?

If my zodiac sign is a dragon, my girlfriend is a dragon as well, she is pregnant and expected to have a baby next year which is 2012 year of the dragon. Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

Answer by Actualmente, Disfruto Siendo Lycantropica
This really depends on the other animals in the Four Pillars of Destiny of each individual and how they interact. The best thing about a Dragon-Dragon combo is there is an innate understanding. In general they can get along as long as none try o control each other.

Answer by rockermom
Well, I think you sort of answered your own question. How long have you and your girlfriend been together? Since she is pregnant, you seem to have a decent relationship. Now imagine that type of connection with your child. Personally I think it will be great having everyone “on the same page” so to speak. By the way, congratulations! I hope you both enjoy your child, they grow up so fast!