Zodiac signs/Astrology?

astrology zodiac signs

Zodiac signs/Astrology?

What is your sign? & your partner’s sign?

Describe the relationship please.

Feel free to talk about past relationships that were complete hell as well.

Answer by HRH Princess Deb
I’m a Virgo and boyfriend is a Taurus. The relationship seems too good to be true. We think exactly the same…even as far as finishing each others sentences and calling/texting at EXACTLY the same second.

Answer by Purple Rain

We have together 12 yrs, married 7 1/2 yrs. I can’t see myself without him. When we have been through times of hell, but we did it together. We argue sometimes but we both forgive and forget about it by the next day.

Answer by Miss 6
We’re both Cancer’s and it is going great! I’m happy and he’s happy.

astrology zodiac signs

Poll: What is your Zodiac Astrology sign?

BQ: and Would You Rather Be Under A Different Zodiac Sign?

I am a Sagittarius, but I would’ve like to be Pisces

Answer by Tinkerbell




Answer by Pandas

astrology zodiac signs

Do you think ophiuchus will ever be considered one of the zodiac signs in western astrology?

Why or why not should it be considered?

-born dec. 13, 1988

Answer by soulburner
Ophiuchus is often mistakenly called the ‘thirteenth sign of the zodiac’ because the sign is thought of as an additional sign to the the twelve Tropical or Sidereal signs.

In fact, Ophiuchus is a Sun-sign in the Real Solar Zodiac, i.e. the Sun can be seen against the stars of Ophiuchus between 30th November and 17th December each year. [The dates of the cusps move a little from one year to the next, so sometimes they are quoted as 1st December to 18th December.] Aquarius, the Water Carrier, is the actual 13th, and last, sign of the Real Solar Zodiac.

Answer by Hooded Voodoo
The Scales of Libra used to be the Claws of Scorpio until the Romans cut them off and turned them a new sign.

So, of course, it’s possible.

As an astrologer, I tend to view Ophiuchus as being like a half-step in music. I use the myth of Ophiuchus to gain greater insight into Sags born under its influence, but I don’t think it should replace Sagittarius (I may be biased as I was born on Nov. 23rd lol).

Hope this helps! 🙂


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  1. 1039PunkAvenue says

    Aquarius!, the same as Billie Joe Armstrong, and I just made it because my bday is January 21st, and he just made it because his is February 17th.

    BQ: No I love being Aquarius.

  2. K X says

    i’m a sagittarius and i think it’s by far the coolest zodiac. i’m not sure if i believe in a deeper meaning of zodiacs but mine really fits my personality. plus all the sagittarius people i know are nice.

  3. Infoseeker says

    Im a Virgo. Am happy with it but I’d love to possess some of the qualities of Capricon, Gemini and Taurus

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