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Why is it that two opposite astrology signs are the perfect marriage partner?

Like an Aquarius and a Leo are completely opposite, but they say that’s what makes them a good marriage partner.

Answer by destiny
Because opposites compliment each other. But it could work the opposite way and they could totally rub each other up the wrong way!!!

Answer by coo_coo_mandi
I don’t think any opposite signs couple would be ‘perfect’ for marriage BUT,when I think of opposite sign couples,(I think) it would depend on who’s gender of which sign. Like say Cancer and Capricorn couple.Cancer is the ‘mother of the zodiac’ they are home loving,very sensitive,caring,nurturing,ETC.Capricorn is more of the career oriented person (although both put high value on family)but, capricorn would rather be building their careers more so then being ‘home bound’.So if you guessed it,the marriage would work out BEST if the Cancer was the WOMAN and the Capricorn was the MAN.Not saying it wouldn’t work the other way around or be less ‘tension’ because of them being opposite signs.I just believe that ‘shot of whiskey’ would go down allot smoother if the genders were like that.
Besides that there’s more to Astrology then just Sun signs..Take for an example my cousin who’s a Taurus and his wife of 6 yrs and mother of his child is an Aquarius.These two signs are not even opposite signs,they’re more like ‘WHAT THE HELL WERE/ARE YOU THINKING?YOU DON’T COMPLIMENT EACH OTHER AT ALL!’ but, they both have Capricorn moon signs conjunting(meaning they understand where both are coming from emotionally,both react the same emotionally to things) Her moon Capricorn moon Trines His Taurus sun(Both being in earth signs) (How she nurtures,makes him ‘shine’/gives and ego stroke).He has a Gemini ascendant which trines to her Aquarius Sun.Meaning how he perceives/looks at the world fits well with her life Goals.She has a Scorpio ascendant exactly opposite of his Taurus sun,and throwing in his Mars in Scorpio conjuncting her Scorpio ascendant he finds her very Sexy.

Answer by aspicco
1) Because they’re not. Astrology is not that simple.
2) Sometimes opposites can balance each other out. Sometimes they create unending war.

Learn a little more about astrology before you jump to conclusions.

astrology signs

How seriously do you take astrology signs?

I had an ex who thought it was “cool” that he was a Libra, and I soon learned that other people thought the same way. I’m a gemini but I could care less about my sign. But I have noticed that people who are Pisces ALWAYS get along with me! My two best friends are Pisces but I still just take it as a coincidence. What are your thoughts? Do you think it’s pathetic that people believe in stuff like this? My personality doesn’t match my sign AT ALL.

Answer by jack99skellington
Not at all. It’s just made up. I do find people who believe it either a) pathetic or b) simpletons. However, it’s their right to believe any junk like that. I just wouldn’t trust their judgement.

Answer by answers smartass
i dont even pay attention to them or even know what they mean

Answer by Jim
Astrology is a big fat stupid joke. Its a way for people to scam you out of money. Try science.

astrology signs

Which of the 12 astrology signs do you think is the most underrated?

What do you think?
Personally, I think that Geminis are the most underrated because I hear so much bad about them and they have a bad rep, yet I get along with all the ones I know just fine.

Answer by Wicked Witch’s Honor!
Capricorn. they are really mature, understanding and kind

Answer by PrettyWings
i never hear much about cancer or virgo.
maybe geminis and libra too.
btw i dont think i quite understood the question asked.

Answer by bobby769
Cancer. Too often they’re seen as being ‘so emotional’, but they are the feel good signs of astrology. They can hone in on a person’s emotions and know what they are feeling and how to make them feel better.