Why do people put so much into horoscopes and star signs?

Is it just for fun or an obsession? And while you can’t generalise, as a Gemini I think I have all the symptoms, haha. But are there people who really get up in the morning to check their horoscopes and put off dates and whatever according to what it says or what?

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Yeah, I’m sure people really do those things… Has to do with superstitions I would imagine, however, it could be their lives are awful, so they are looking to the stars for some good news? lol

Answer by Lil Mrs
I think people like to blame everything but themselves for their actions. They do not know how to make their own decisions so they look to there horoscope for the answers or their signs for why they are the way they are. Look I have a big mouth and strong personality because of theway I was raised, not because I am a Leo. I had a bad week because I did not put any effort into it, not because my horoscope predicted it.

Answer by In|Vain [xxx]
yeah..im def not crazy into it like that! I just think its fun, but I dont take it tooo seriously. There is definately some scientific proof behind astrology though, so it’s not complete bull$ hit like some people think it is. I just find it interesting!


Have there been any attempts to cast horoscopes from the POV of different planets?

So, for example, are there Martian horoscopes in which Earth, Phobos and Deimos appear as significant phenomena, as if seen from the surface of Mars? I’ve noticed that certain astronomers associated with Mars tend to share birthdays in the Martian year but not the Earth year, and i wonder if anyone has ever looked into this.

Answer by lisalilybet
you would have to be born on Mars to have a Martian horoscope. but i found your question interesting as i do know – (and you are probably aware) that horoscopes are cast for countries as well as for people.

i remember reading a horoscope magazine (25 years ago) that had a map of the world with all the sun signs of each country (the symbol was marked on each country). i think it is was a bit arbitrary how they worked it out though.

anyway this is what i can remember (sadly i have lost the magazine – dammit) :

Britain was declared to be Aries (ruled by Mars) which sounds spot on to me.
Germany was declared to be Aries also – which doesn’t so spot on. but each country has it’s own ascendant sign too, so that affects it strongly too.
Central American countries were nearly all Scorpio – again – (some were Virgo) i think that was spot on too.
Australia was declared Capricorn with Sagitarrius rising (sounds spot on to me) and the magazine explained that this was based on Australia’s Federation date.


Why do astrologers promote deceptive behavior in horoscopes?

I know most horoscopes are nonsense, but I notice that the most accurate astrologers would forecast something like, “You itching to break free of this relationship. What’s stopping you? Nothing! So do it!” Their opinions are scary.

Answer by Amethyst33
You are correct. Their opinions are scary. And they can also be deceptive as your say. And really the “most accurate” astrologers are really doing a dis-service to others with their generic, out-there, and broad horoscopes. Because astrology is fixated on one person. Not the millions of people “fitting” into the 12 sign of the zodiac. It has to be very broad and (hopeful?) as those astrologers know they are not giving a true interpretation of every person with that sun sign. It is going to fail. It is what gives astrology a “bad name.” An astrologer cannot make broad sweeping generalizations to millions of people and believe that he/she is “hitting the nail on the head.” Hence, horoscopes are in the Entertainment Section.

Astrology is not supposed to be entertainment. It is supposed to be enlightening. Now there are funny astrologers out there I am sure, but……..they are few and far between. Astrology is a serious study. With a “hidden” side effect of watching others during a Full Moon, as that is how I have learned much of what i know. Watching others “freak out” during that Full Moon as it “hits” a hot spot in their natal chart. Now, that can be funny! LOL

Just remember that these astrologers have probably paid their “dues” as we all have to in order to find success. And those “Generic Horoscopes” are their paycheck. Nothing more. Nothing less.

And occasionally they do hit the nail on the head. Very occasionally. Hence, the reason people still read the daily horoscope. It is fun! Entertaining! But almost always Not True!

Good question. Glad you questioned these daily horoscopes as I wish all understood them for “what they really are.” A paycheck! Good luck and bless you too.