Why do people in the horoscopes section take everything so serious?

Horoscopes are gay and false. HAHAHA.
@Vesuvius That’s when I used to believe in horoscopes and the symbol next to my name is the symbol for Virgo. Not Scorpio. Smart a**.
@No, Thanks really interesting.. cool story bro.

Answer by Tyler
Because they ignore the times when they are wrong but make a huge deal out of the times they are right. Also, people are stupid.

Answer by Vesuvius
But that’s why you’re posting in here, and have the Scorpio symbol on your username right?

Talk about projection..
edit, that’s not the point. The point is she is being a hypocritical insipid degenerate.
She has absolutely no clue of what she says. She says horoscopes are false and “gay”, but she has a zodiac symbol as her username. That’s the point I made. Hypocrisy is cool.

Yeah well being a homophobe is as high as attention seeking, the op still remains delusional and hypocritical. Still posts in a section she finds “gay” and “false” and has made no attempt to correct her username. Yeah you’re not a hypocrite at all I guess op.

Answer by spunky
it’s not any more false than psychology. In fact, psychology wouldn’t even have existed if it weren’t for astrology.

UPDATE: That’s actually a Virgo symbol sign, not Scorpio. A Scorpio wouldn’t go through such lame attempt to get attention. No offense to Virgos–it’s nothing personal.


How do I get over my addiction to horoscopes?

I compulsively read my horoscope and believe it, even though I know it’s a bunch of crap.

Please tell me reasons why I need to stop reading my horoscope, and how I can break this habit.

Answer by Howdy Y’all
Since it’s not a physical dependence, it’s not an addiction. Why do you need to stop reading it? You said it yourself, it’s a bunch of crap. How can you break the habit? Just stop reading it. That simple.

Answer by babydahl874
haha i do this too!!! I don’t know why I find it so interesting, because I know that I am in control of my own life and if something happens that I can’t control I just have to roll with it!

You can try like just reading your horoscope from the day before and see if anything seems relevant!

Its not dangerous to read your horoscope unless you are letting it affect how you run your life. Why do you read it in the first place? Do you find it interesting? You’ve already admitted that you know its not real, so that should be your starting point for stopping!

I usually read my horoscope first thing in the morning, but I’m actually so busy I don’t even remember what it said unless something was really unusual. Like today, for example, I couldn’t decide what to wear to work. I tried on a couple different things and then decided on a white sweater. Then when I got to work I read my horoscope and in my career section it said to wear white today because it make me prosper financially! I manage a tanning salon and we’ve been dead all week, but I made 3 huge sales in the first hour! : ) Is it because I’m wearing white? Probably not, but its funny!!

I wouldn’t take it too seriously unless its negatively affecting your life!

Good Luck!! : )

Answer by Whisperbailey
Remove it from your homepage.


How true are horoscopes to in your life?

How true are horoscope prediction in your life, general speaking. I haven’t tested the idea much but it seems below 50%. There are so many out there, some are better then others. So back to the point in reality how accurate is the average horoscope readings compared to your life. Are the right, some what right or dead wrong. Then a percentage would be nice as well.

Answer by Sunyoung
i say around 17% of it matters, the rest is all up to you.

Answer by GunJunky88

Answer by Anonymous
there is a nice basic outline of someone (the shell).

This outline provides good footing and gives some pointers
but just like this guy ^ said around 17% of it matters… I’ll add another 12% to his.

But yeah… the rest is up to you.