Why do people care about or believe in horoscopes?

It’s not like it changes anything to someones personality. I’m only about half of what my horoscope says.

Answer by Miyuki
Because they can?

Answer by Richie
same reason people take to religion.

Answer by Carnage and Butterflies
It’s something to do


Are horoscopes really true? Does everything they say is going to happen, really going to happen?

Just curious to know what others have to say.

Answer by Good Stuff =)
It depends if you believe in them or not.

Answer by Darius B
if you mean the horoscopes in the newspaper that give a quick daily summary for all star signs then i would say its pretty much all made up nonsense. i personally believe you cannot catergorise a person in just one star sign. there is no evidence to show that a person born under say… aries does not and is completely incapable of showing any other sign characteristic.

I have met an astrologer in real life who does charts. she said she was asked to make up horoscopes for a newspaper. so thats another aspect on it.

Say if was really true that a person is just ONE star sign. That would make the world pretty strange. For example, if an aries man is made of only fire, (spontaneous and active), would it mean he has no feeling (water), no praticality (earth) or even intelligence (air)?

Come on if someone reallly was stuck with just one of those then they would go mad and be put in a mental hospital

Answer by Nischal Kishor S
I do not believe in god but strangly I do believe in horscope because normally what said in my prediction comes quite close to the truth.
But you should be aware that once you read your prediction, your mind will start thinking or making choice to match the horscope.


Why do horoscopes say that Gemini is so talkative?

I have met only a few very talkative Geminis the ones in the Aquarius Cusp. The Gemini is kinda chatty, the Libra Cusp is not very chatty they are somewhat outgoing people oriented though definately not too talkative.
I kno that I am a Gemini and I am quite introverted, I tend to talk a lot when I am concerned for someone else otherwise I am doing my own thing working creating some thing like art of some sort.

Answer by tandkalexander
Review your facts. There is no Gemini/Aquarius cusp, nor is there any Gemini/Libra cusp.

Answer by ♞ℛℴℴℊ♞
whats your Moon and Mercury sign because this could explain why

Answer by *+*Desire*+*
Dont go with these horoscopes…, try to face the reality,,