Why do people bother believing in horoscopes?

I mean, seriously? Horoscopes are as out there as Greek gods or leprechauns… Why would people want to believe that who they are is based on when they happened to be born? And especially now that they’ve figured out more about this stuff and that most of the measurements are wrong, which would change everything, but people just stick to the “science” of the 1600s… it just makes ABSOLUTELY no sense to me. Why the heck would my personality and feelings be determined by where the planets were positioned when I was born?

Answer by FallingTrees
no more ridiculous than religion…

Answer by Blondie
IDK its FUN!

Answer by Tally Moore
I don’t believe in the horoscopes that you would find in a newspaper or a magazine. I don’t really believe in future -telling. I believe in astrology, what predicts a person’s personality. If you look up your sign with an open mind, I bet you would see some similarities between the sign and you. Whenever I first read about my sign, I was thinking “wow, this is me, dead on.”


Where can i go to have my horoscopes sent to my email, daily?

I would like to read my horoscope daily but i just forget is there a website i can go to so they send me all my horoscopes for the day.
Im a leo and would not like the chinese i prefer the daily horoscopes
Please respond if you have an answer not its a waste of time!!! Just some one give me an answer!

Answer by PaigeyySnydeyy
If you have a yahoo account you can program it to send you a horoscope everyday. That’s what I do.
Somewhere on the yahoo homepage there should be a “horoscope” link or something like that.

Answer by Miss Anonymous

you can select the type of readings you’d like delivered as well.


What are some good online sites for horoscopes?

What are some good online sites for horoscopes? I usually get mine at The New York Post site. I was wondering if there are any other good online sites out there?


Answer by Contrary Cancer.
Myspace gives you a daily horoscope but if you search in astrology im sure you can find one thats more personalized

Answer by Kate
a website called gotohoroscope.com