Why do my horoscopes never ever match up with me?

I’m a Capricorn and every time I look at my horoscope, it has NOTHING to do with my life. Maybe my body is a Capricorn but my heart is something else? Someone help.. Thank you.

Answer by Shawn
Because they don’t mean anything.

Answer by jasin
Astrology is a pseudo-science, so of course it will not provide you with any meaning.

Answer by grayure
Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.


Why do so many people believe in horoscopes?

I can’t wrap my head around the fact that there’s so many people who believe that “scientists” can predict outcomes of personal relationships/work related situations based on stars in the sky? Are they aware that all of these predictions are so generalized that they could practically be applied to almost anyone? It’s like tarot card or hand palm readings, easy ways to manipulate weak minded people to take their money.


Answer by Leon
You can do some research, try googling horoscope personality, and see for yourself, their personality analysis of each horoscope can come very close from the truth. But, you can look at it as a theory being developed, and not a prediction. As I said, the personality analysis part can be true sometimes, however, I don’t believe much in the daily horoscope, because it goes into a daily future details like a fortuneteller. And such predictions are just too much to take. But, I agree with you, it’s not worth paying money for.

Answer by Fractured

Astrology is not science and astrologers are NOT scientists, although many of them would try to make you believe that they are. What these people do is nothing more than a guessing game. Why do people believe in all the nonsense? Probably because when bad things happen in their lives they look outward to find some ’cause’, rather than looking inward. Astrologers pray on the weak because it’s easy for them, but you will notice that when challenged on their branch of ‘pseudo science’ they can’t explain anything, they simply get angry.

The basic concept of astrology that the sun, all the planets and all the stars revolve round the earth, which was believed by people of early days of civilisation, has been proved to be incorrect. Now we know that the earth and all the planets revolve round the sun and the stars have their independent orbits in the galaxy they belong to. But astrology still goes by the belief that earth is at the centre and the celestial bodies including the sun, planets and stars revolve around it. The latter having been PROVED (by REAL science), my question to astrologers has always been this: why believe in something that is built on, purpetuated and sustained by lies?
They don’t like the truth.

Answer by Baron Otto Matic
Everyone seeks an edge and fortune telling is the second oldest profession. At least tarot cards and palm reading are not used for discrimination.


Why are some people so obsessed with horoscopes?

I know some people base their lives around them, doing so is destructive. Why do it?

Answer by Natalia
well im 13 years old and i like to read them just cause they are interesting and different then what i usually read

Answer by M
Well I can’t speak for every one but in my opinion it relates all the way back to early religion like when the aztec worshiped the sun gods, some traditions were never lost or they have evolved to better fit todays society and cultures, I strongly advise you watch this video on you tube link under sources. I found them very interesting hope do will too

Answer by Hopeless Romantic Libra
Astrology is a way of life for me. It gives me something to believe in. It gives me hope for tommorow.


why astrology not working for me;