Why are horoscopes more accurate when you read your Rising sign instead?

I’m a Capricorn but when it comes to reading horoscopes, I find that reading the Capricorn horoscope isn’t really on point. But when I read the horoscope for Cancer (my Rising) it’s always right on the money!! Why is that?

Answer by Ava
Yes, that’s correct. Your rising sign is your second most important in your chart & it becomes more prominent as you get older.

Answer by ÇhainŁightninĢ⅜
Confusing is it not? So does that mean you have to pay attention to more than one sign?

How about the real possibility that astrology (which one) is false? Why want to be a preconceived stereotype that is made up? Astrology is a fate of birth discrimination, akin to racism and sexism. No one chooses when to be born, but we can choose what we want to be.

Edit: It works both ways. I can be wrong but can you be open-minded that astrology might be false?

Answer by Shana
my rising sign is cancer and i do not wanna be anything like them

Why do some people defend horoscopes if they are not true?

It seems that the more you provide evidence proving that horoscopes are not accurate, the more some people will dig into their beliefs and want to hold onto it even further. 

In some cases, they will make up theories and use random events to fit into their theories pertaining to why horoscopes are real, as an act to rationalize their emotionally based falsified beliefs.

Is this just a demonstration of playing devils advocate, sheer idiocy, or logical negligence, or (fill in the blank)?

How can something be true but false at the same time?

Answer by TW
I am a man of science and facts, I had a hoot the other day when a lady said that someone on the radio told her that her house would sell because she is Aries! – and she believed it!
It is Mumbo-Jumbo in my opinion, but I would say that (typical Taurus).

Answer by Cat. •That’s all…
Hi from France ♫

They believe in them and because they need to believe in ‘ something ‘ that helps them to live. The true question is : they are so desperate for believe all those nonsense stories ?

Have a nice day


Answer by just me
I was going to ask you to show your evidence about how astrology isn’t true, but I decided that it would be a waste of my time for someone who’s ignorant in what they’re talking about try to convince me that what they say is true.

Before jumping to conclusions do some research into the thing you say couldn’t possibly be true. That way you don’t sound nearly as much as a fool as you do now.

Have a good day,night, whatever. =p


Can someone give examples of relationships working out against horoscopes?

For example, Aquarius is compatible with Libra, and not so compatible with Scorpio.

Does anyone have any success stories they could share where relationships work out perfectly against horoscopes and prove the stars wrong?

Answer by sc_spiel
My husband and I are “not meant to be”. It’s actually been hard but we’re still together, 3 years and going strong.

Answer by Magical Purple Sock 🙂
Well, you’re talking about sun signs and sun signs are not the only parts for compatibility.
For example, an Aquarius and Scorpio could work out if they have compatible moons, Venus, and Mars. Also what if the Scorpio has a Leo rising while the Aquarius has an Aquarius rising?
There are more factors than sun sign.

My Aunt is a Pisces while my uncle is a Libra. They fight A LOT. But they somehow keep their marriage together.

Answer by WTFranki
My boyfriends a Gemini and I’m a Virgo.
We’ve been best friends for 5 years and have been dating for almost two months. :]


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