Who came up with the 12 archetypes of horoscopes?

Of Western astrology.. in layman’s terms each sun sign seems to fit an absolute stereotype. How did the 12 come to be? Who started them?

Answer by Looney ♋ ♓ ♐
I don’t know who specifically started them, but it’s supposed to be twelve different forms of people that everyone has in them. I believe it relates to psychological studies on personality, but metaphorical and symbolic rather than factual. If you read about the signs they all have traits that are relatable to the human condition itself, they even represent different stages in a persons life.

Answer by Thank You
God started them.

Barâqîjâl taught them.

[Book of Enoch – Chapter VIII]


Who writes Horoscopes? How do they know what to write?

I have always wondered this..

Who writes these horoscopes, and how does this person know what to write? How does what they say so call connect with what the universe says?

And you have to wonder why there are different horoscopes from with different sites.
How do you know it is true?

Thank you to all answers!


Answer by fat cat
I don’t know who wrote these but were in a question on here. They seem the most accurate to me! HAHA


Answer by beccatypes
You chart the planets and signs.

Answer by optimus
Don’t shoot the messenger, but I wager they’re guessing >.> Not to put down anyone who believes in it, but I see it as a cleverly written bit of inspirational fiction.

Even if there is research that’s done different people are liable to draw different conclusions about astrological patterns, and if there’s no guide to fall back on these differences will remain.


Horoscopes – What’s the most compatible Sun Sign for Relationships in Astrology?

Horoscopes – What’s the most compatible Sun Sign for Relationships in Astrology?

They’re compatible with more signs than any other sign.

Answer by Smoking Crab USMC
scorpio, cancer, aquarius, aries, and gemini seem the most likely to be like that.

Answer by Evil Sagittarius♥ welcome to my world BitChh
Libra. just because they like pleasing people, so they act different to make someone like them. the ones i know anyway

Answer by just someone
I’m not sure if I understand the question correctly… Either way, the signs that are most likely to be relationship material are:

Taurus: Romantic, slow-paced, loyal, stubborn and faithful. Ruled by Venus.

Cancer: Sensitive, somewhat romantic, faithful, very protective. Has maternal/paternal feelings toward partner.

Leo: Romantic, passionate, faithful, stubborn, charming. Likes glamor, but is also into having a family life. Very protective.

Libra: Romantic, charming, very social, falls in love quickly, sees beauty in most people. Hates to be single and alone. Ruled by Venus.