Which pair of horoscopes make a better couple?

Gemini and Scorpio
or Sagittarius and Scorpio?
If they are opposites, please tell me which one would still be at least better than the other!

Answer by Kitty
Either of theses two make a great couple both if you had to choose it would be Gemini and Scorpio. Scorpios are best paired with Pisces and Cancers.

Answer by Mz_Lishahot1
I agree with “Kitty” only because I’ve noticed that Gems and Scorpios, although seemingly opposite in relationship style, seem to have this weird, deep magnetic attraction to one another. I know of 2 strong(albeit tumultuous lol) Gem/Scorp relationships right now, but no Sag/Scorp ones.

Answer by Mari
Both aren’t the greatest match but I would go with the Sag and Scorpio. Geminis are wayyy too flighty for Scorpio and will drive Scorps nutty. Sag is kinda boring for Scorp but can do ok with some work.


are childrens horoscopes/readings different than adults?

I have several of my friends addicted to horoscopes becuase for me they are always dead on, but what about my children? Where can I go to get horoscopes or birth charts (for free or relatively inexpensive as I have FIVE children) I would love to be able to share the experience with my children as well especially my older two who can comprehend it all. Any tips on where to go?

Answer by Left-T
The reading is different for children because most of the aspects in their chart are not yet active, especially the squares and trines. For example, Venus and Mars for one. How can you tell about their love life and what they want and desire at a young age? You can project in the future when these planets manifest at age 14 and age 21.

When dealing with children, you need to look at the Moon first since it rules up to age 7. Then comes Mercury which covers a large period, 7 yrs to puberty where it remains active throughout their studies.
Venus, first feelings 14 yrs to 20 yrs is next in line.

The best book for you is to get the Linda Goodman ‘Sun Signs’ which deals with each sign as a child, as an adult, and as a Boss πŸ™‚


Good Luck.. This is a good book for you.


What’s your idea of the perfect girl/boy? Does horoscopes in relationship matter to you?

Mine is just..very average guy, kind of the ones in the movies? Haha. Shares same interests as me, funny, smart, nice, very attractive, doesn’t have to be muscular or tall or tanned, but I do like guys with nice long-ish hair that I can play with! Flirty, fun, and out-going/talkative!

2. By horoscopes I mean, if you’re a leo and have the personality like one, do you want your guy/girl to be like that too? πŸ™‚

Answer by Megan
1. The ones in the movies aren’t average guys.

Perfect guy for me is one who knows how to take a joke and is open-minded.

2. No way, horoscopes are BS.

Answer by DogLover8
I agree with what you said. Nice funny and attractive. and smart helps too, and so does similar interests πŸ˜›
And horoscopes.. i dont think those really matter anymore

Answer by Sage
Do you know?


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