Which Astrology Signs prefer what colour of Jello & if you had to name it what would you call your Jello self?

Thanks in Advance I know this is strange but hey we are here to have fun right?

Thanks in Advance!

Come on…geet creative people!!!

Answer by The Reindeer
Um..Pisces, blue jello?

Aries – red – thats’ moi! xx

Answer by milk666
Astrology Signs :Capricorn
color of Jello : rainbow colored Jello
Name of Jello Self:Jodie

Are astrology signs true about a person and their relationships?

Well, i was reading this astrology book about scorpio and aquraius’ relationship between each other because I’m a scorpio and my baby is an aquarius. Anyway, the book said that i get jealous, clingy, emotional and possessive while aquarius is friendly, shows unpredictable emotions, restless. Furthur on it says that an Aquarius is “turned off by scorpio’s powerful, jealous passions”. I wanna know if all of these astrology signs are really true and if so, should I date someone that fits for my sign?

Answer by msanchezymj
Not always, in y family, there are 5 Leos, myself included and we are all completely different. Once I went out with someone who’s sign was supposedly compatible 100% with me, and it was the wort relationship I’ve ever had.

Answer by STARZ
when you read the descriptions for your SUN sign, there are very general.. for a true accurate picture of YOU and anyone else..you need to do birthcharts..find out both rising signs (that is what attracts you to ea.other more than a sun sign.) and your moon sign.
you SUN sign is the exact postion of the sun the day and minute you were born. it is your soul and INNER personality.. tho you will pick up the basic traits of it.
RISING sign= your physical self and face you show the world and will act more like.
(*these 2 can be the same.. such as in a dbl. leo)
MOON sign= your heart and emotional core..
go here for a free chart to get started..


need to know time and place of birth..
good luck..
i have followed astrology for over 35 years now and it has proved invaluable in relationships and people i choose to do work for me etc…….study it.. you will be amazed..
one last thing..
SCORPIO is the ONLY sign that has 3 images. the scorpion, of course.. your words will STING people.. as well as your actions.
the SNAKE.. which are the sneaky ones
the EAGLE.the good scorpios.. they fly high above their negative traits and are good and honest folk who care more for others than themselves..
figure out which one YOU are!!!!!!!!!
good luck..

Answer by hazeleyes202001
That’s and interesting question. I asked myself that very question because almost every single Astrology book I read say the same thing: That Scorpio/Aquarius match is the worst because our personalities are polar opposites.

But yet, I have a mad crush on an Aquarius guy right now! So I guess it’s like wanting what you can’t have, or what you know is bad for you. Opposites attract I suppose.

But also you have to factor in maturity level of both signs, and other planetary influences in their chart to get a clearer picture.

astrology signs

What if someone is actually a hybrid of two or more different zodiac signs? Doesnt that prove astrology wrong?

Speaking of noticing that the person has not just traits from one sign, but several. And his horoscope might not even hint to those other signs…… Then what? I think that proves astrology is a bunch of random mumbo jumbo.
not true. mine was taken down and it’s completely wrong info.
I know a lot about astrology stupid aspicco! It’s mumbo jumbo!

Answer by j72747 – Jodi D
No. The daily horoscopes you can read online or in newspapers consider only the sun sign. A complete horoscope factors in the rising sign and other details. A complete horoscope done by a competent astrologer is amazingly accurate.

Answer by astrospy
Every person was born with ten planets on their chart. Each one of the planets has infuence in the personality. What may seem random mumbo jumbo to you is just too complex for you to understand unless you learn more about astrology. Why do you have no name?

Answer by Irina Natalia
every person has traits from more than just one sign.
this is because not only the sun sign influences the person, the other planets and aspects infuence the person too. i for example am a scorpio with gemini ascendant, i got both, scorpio and gemini traits. i also have very strong leo traits and i’m a leo moon. i am extremely good at learning languages which is indicated by my mercury in sagittarius. i am really into men that are older and have authority which is indicated by my venus in capricorn. in a nutshell, i got traits from all my planets, just like everybody else does.

most people only know their sun sign, but nor where their other planets, ascendant and midheaven are. most of the time, the other planets play a way larger role, it all depends on how they’re ascpected.

astrology hast been around for thousands of years and there is something true to it. if you don’t accept that, you are kinda irgnorant. you can’t deny that astrology works with almost everyone. if you are so extremely against it, then astrology will never work for you, sincer you will always try to work against it. if your birth chart tells you’re secretive, you will try everything to be not secretive, therefore astrology won’t work for you because you don’t want it.