Where does the z100 Morning Show get their horoscopes?

i listen to the morning show for the horoscopes and i’m wondering where they get the horoscopes they read? i’ve tried the website, but they don’t have them. any help would be appreciated. (: thanks.

Answer by Hilarious Clinton
that is good.

Answer by donk287
A lot of then get them here Clara Psychic Medium

www.astroclara.com/default.html –

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What is a good site or a place to get horoscopes sent to my cell phone via text messaging?

It could be monthly, or daily. Or weekly. It doesn’t matter. I tried googling, but the AOL one doesn’t work and the top two results from goggle don’t work either. I have a Net10 Prepaid phone. And I get weather alerts just fine. Anyone know a good site for Horoscope texts?

Answer by Sameer
Indyarocks.com is a good site to get horoscope sent to your phone via textmessage..

Answer by Selfchick
if you’re with tmobile they have a free service that gets you your horoscope daily in the form of a text called scheduled alerts that you can sign up for at tmobile.com. If not i’m not sure how to help you sorry


Horoscopes: What signs do have the most beautiful females?

What signs have the most amount of beautiful females born under?
Hey, tell me your zodiac sign!

Answer by Rosie
I have no idea! I don’t know how you’d find something like that out :s

I’m a Leo

Answer by Sherif
I don’t really believe in that rubbish, but as far as I have heard most beautiful females are born in Cancer.

Answer by jena
im a leo

the answer to ur qestion is leos, libras, scorpios, and pisces


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