Where can I find horoscopes for previous days, up to 14 days ago?

I desperately need this for a project. Please help.

Answer by SWO
Visit this reference website…

Answer by Chairity
I can get them for you! πŸ˜‰

here is my site ====>> http://powerful-readings.webs.com
I update regularly and have 5 days worth at a time!


Horoscopes: How do you feel about holding hands?

I never even think to hold hands with my boyfriend. I kind of dislike it honestly, because I feel like it restricts me. I have to plod along at the other persons pace, and I can’t go in whatever direction I want at any time, which makes me antsy. I dont like having to walk along with the person.

What about you guys?

Sagittarius rising
Cancer Sun & Venus
Leo Moon & Mercury
Taurus Mars.

Answer by All My Intensity
I actually walk pretty slow
I like holding hands
it’s like syncing your warmth with hers
I’d want to do something beyond that though

Answer by Raven ♏
I don’t like PDA. In private that’s a whole different story…

Answer by Amber
Eh. I like it in the beginning… But dude you dont have to hold my hand allllll the time.

Sagittarius sun
Cancer rising
Aries moon
Capricorn moon
Scorpio mars/mercury


what are good websites to read your horoscopes?

im a scorpio..I always read diffrerent descriptions about me…but when i read it on myspace and some other websites it was totally true about me and some other websites was all crap thats not true about any scorpios.

so what are good websites to read you horoscopes

Answer by Ivy
No email addresses, registrations, names or memberships necessary.

Know the date and time of birth ?. Got a couple of minutes to spare ?

Answer by Ang3l
Heres some that I found for you:


Im not sure if its what your looking for but hopefully it is.

Hope this helps πŸ™‚