Where can I check all my horoscopes at once?

I found a website a few days ago that was remarkably detailed in every which way. It allowed me to enter my birthday and it displayed a full list of horoscopes breaking down the differences between waxing and waning moon and also my zodiac. In addition, the site provided a simple break down as to whether it would be – for lack of better terminology – a “good” day or a “bad” day.

Answer by Vasudev P
Please you give your birth details for your answer. Right horoscope is match with your real life

Answer by Dreamseed
http://www.astro.com there are a number of ways of checking your chart there, however I’ll give you three to start: 1) an “automatic” chartingh, when visiting http://www.astro.com Click “Free Horoscopes,” (in the dark blue area), then on the left column where it says “Personal Portrait” — that will give you the breakdown in text version, then 2) on the right column, Click “Chart drawing, Ascendant” — this is your graphic birth chart (the wheel) 3) go to “Forum” (upper dark blue), post your graphic chart and get a personal reading from the forum’s members (from all over the world, WONDERFUL source!).

http://www.astro.com is BY FAR the best, very interactive, easy to use! There are LOADS of options there; relationship comparisons, etc.

Hope you choose me, I *know* I’ve steered you the right direction!

Good Luck! ๐Ÿ™‚ Be well…


Should we actually be reading the horoscopes for our ascendant?

So, I’m only recently beginning to understand how horoscopes are cast for the sun sign horoscopes that most of us follow. The sun is placed at the ascendant, and then they look at the sign placements of the planets, and the houses where they would be located on that chart. With this logic, shouldn’t we be looking at the horoscopes for our ascendant, which would probably be closer to our own houses?

Answer by whoaa ๐Ÿ™‚
i’m a taurus, born april 24th. i truly believe that i am an aries though lol

i found out about getting your chart done and come to find out i have my venus, mercury and ascendant all in aries. thus, i think like an aries, act like an aries in love, and come off as an aries upon first meeting a person. so whenever i read my horoscope i read aries and taurus. somedays, the taurus one is true and others the aries one is true.

i would say read both.

Answer by lala
Horoscope in news paper and magazine are just for fun ; if you really want some good prediction ; see a astrologist

Answer by Scorpio
Your Ascendant is determined by the time of your birth. It determines what is the sign rising at the horizon as you are being born… And everyone has one.

Your rising sign is the face you show the world. The first thing the world notice about you. The first impression you make on others. It’s also your first foot forward in new situations… especially when meeting people.

You go to your job interviews wearing your power suit and your Ascendant

The Ascendant has it’s uses, but ultimately your Sun sign is the basis of who you are. In your chart all the other parts only make up the flavour that makes you essentially you. They’re modifiers to your core persona… which in essence is still embodied in your Sun sign.

You have a face that you show the world, the life you live everyday, and there’s the face only you know…

You should look up your chart first, and see how all the different parts define your personality, tendencies and quirks before you sum up what to believe about Astrology.

The Horoscope you read in magazines are nothing more than placebo readings… What would fit one won’t fit all, they’re taken from transits that are happening in each sign each day… but sometimes there are tens of transits to each sign… and those pulp astrologers from magazines pick only one, that’s about as short as a fortune cookie reading… Unfortunately, this is the astrology they feed into mainstream… because it’s entertaining to read horoscopes.

Real astrology however is much much deeper than all that…


Where does one start if they want to learn astrology and predict horoscopes?

I have tried to learn how to prepare horoscopes but the method that I have been explained seems very complicated. I am wondering if there is an easier way to start learning in steps.

Answer by Wicked Witch’s Honor!
well it’s bound to be complicated if it’s to be at all accurate. of course you can just make them up like many newspapers do


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