astrology horoscopes

What’s your opinion on astrology/horoscopes?

I sometimes get my horoscopes, I don’t remember any of them ever being accurate, I just do it for kicks.
I try to avoid fortune cookies. They’re quite perturbing.
On account of I am apparently going to obtain a profession in something I currently hate, I will marry someone named John/Robert/Jacob, and my greatest danger is my stupidity.
Sorry for digressing.
Do you believe astrology has any sort of influence on human affairs? Why?

Answer by ★ℓίℓίţħ★
I think they are grossly inaccurate.

Answer by Conceited Bastard..misunderstood
interesting, but false

Answer by PSG-1
They are pure Hokum.

astrology horoscopes

How are horoscopes and astrology effected by Pluto’s demotion?

I will admit up front that I do not believe in astrology/horoscopes/zodiac. However, I know many people do and that the planets play an important role in astrology. Now that Pluto is no longer a planet, how will that impact astrology? For that matter, Pluto wasn’t even known to exist until 1930, how did that effect astrology?

Answer by denmarks
First horoscopes and astrology are just a bunch of jokes. If you call something in the solar system a planet or a rock how can the change affect anything? It is still where it was and has whatever affect it previously had.

Answer by star bright
Everything will work like always, Pluto not being an official planet, will not affect because as our ancestors did, they were guided by what they saw, mostly stars, ones bigger than others, so same applies here.

Answer by pebble
I actually read about this somewhere… Pluto is supposed to affect Scorpio (me) but before it was discovered it was Mars. The article said both Pluto and Mars affect Scorpio. But I’m with you. This is all just for fun to me, laugh when it’s wrong, nod your head when it’s right LOL.

Anyway here is where I read it if you are interested:

astrology horoscopes

Do you believe in astrology and horoscopes?

I have not really figured out if iI really believe in horoscopes or astrology and all that yet. I was just wondering what do you think of it? Do you believe any of it?

Answer by jeon =]
i do, but there is the occasional person who doesn’t fit there sign description.
i think astrology is just for fun and i don’t take it seriously.
i read my horoscope everyday just because it makes me feel reassured for some reason.
i like astrology, 🙂

I’m a Pisces 😉

Answer by Happy Helper
I think everyone deep down knows that it is bogus. That doesn’t take away from its fun though.

Answer by Cat. •That’s all…
Hi from France ♫

Horoscopes / astrology have nothing to do with REAL life !.. So my answer is a BIG NO !!

Have a great day,