What’s with all the astrological signs lately?

I’ve seen so many questions lately on yahoo answers asking questions referring to astrological signs:
For example..
.. Why are Virgos so mean to capricorns?
.. He’s a Leo, should I go after him?
.. I’m a Sagittarius but he’s Pisces, will we work??

Has anyone else noticed this?? I don’t see how the month your born in has to do with your personality….?

Answer by Alan
Those people tend to make their lives as easy as possible. They r too lazy and scared to find out by themselves so they rely on astrology. “It’s easier to believe a lie”

Answer by Misconception
Because this is the horoscope section. If you want to see something like “What color is your poop?” Go to poll and survey section.

Answer by ChainLightnin’ ⅜
It is because astrology is a fate of birth discrimination, not unlike racism. No one picks their birthday.

astrological signs

For 2008, What astrological signs does planet Jupiter occupy and for how long?

What is the lucky astrological sign for 2008?

Answer by nysenutz
Jupiter occupies the sign of the Bath for 3 months, 3 weeks and 2 and three quarter days. the lucky astrological sign for 2008 is the carrot. Particularly carrots cooked in aquarius which is always a lot of taurus. Leo rampant over the rising moon is particularly helpful for all virgos who don’t brush their teeth because the waterberers will be in descent into cancer during the cusp of the scorpion. And we all know what that foretells , don’t we?

Answer by Tina L
you can make up any answer you like. astrology doesn’t mean anything.

Answer by Erica S
Who cares?

astrological signs

what astrological signs work well together?

When pairing astrological signs on love matches which ones fit the best together?

Thank you for answering!

Also, if you can give the ones they are less compatible with that would be great! 🙂

Answer by Snowie
Cancer and Gemini.

Like heaven!

All others are kinda hit and miss.

Answer by bouten anna
gemini and libra are really compatible.

Answer by rockyfella25
Compatible is Cancer and Scorpio and Taurus
not compatible Aries and cancer