Whats up with people believing in horoscopes?

I see people asking like “how do I get this quarius guy to like me or how do I show him he likes me” and ” do we go good together” whats up with that? Horoscopes are fake or not?

Answer by Dee
Jerry, I am not here to convince you on Astrology, but it is a study that has been around for centuries, and it is too accurate to be dismissed
as fake. The only thing I will say is,
Destiny is choice….Astrology simply points the way.
It helps people to understand others in what they may favor or how
people act/react according to their birthdate. I will be happy to provide
you with a basic description of urself according to your birthdate, if you
send it to me. Now, not everybody is exactly like their sign, but a good
percentage will be. It is not 100% set in stone, but too accurate most
of the time to be dismissed as fake. Hope this helps some.

Answer by ~silk~
astrology is for southern trash
just kidding
astrology isn’t like mormons where they recruit members
believe what u want

Answer by chat noir
why dont you try to find out it yourself instead of asking others’ opinions. you want to know the truth go look for it. make a research, get to know how it works. if it’s convincing then you have your answer. be smart.


do horoscopes and astrology really work or is it all just a big coincidence?

sometimes it seems like horoscopes really do work.. but then again i think that its all just a big coincidence because there are so many people in the world…

you follow me?

Answer by you blocked me, now I hate you
stop asking questions and just believe.

Answer by Slakker
try this as an experiment… read the horoscope of another sign consistently for a while… I bet ya it’ll still work as well…

Answer by Cassi
horoscopes are a load of crap. all they are is generalized statements that we immediately take and apply to ourselves, and say “wow, so true!” and whatnot, even though really they could apply to anybody out there.


Where can I find a myspace generator that will display horoscopes for all the zodizc signs?

I want to find a myspace generator that will display all the daily horoscopes for each zodiac sign. I want whoever views my profile to be able to check out their horoscope not just mine (like most the generators I found) Does anyone know where I can find this? Thanks =)

Answer by Missy xx
Hopefully this one will change to everyones liking…..

This one is great too, but you can only paste yours onto your page.x