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Whats the deal with these new astrology signs?

I know they changed, but I’m not clear on whether or not they changed for us, or just people born this year and so forth. One of my friends was an Aries, he follows horoscopes religiously, now he is a Pisces and he says he doesn’t match the characteristics of a Pisces. Someone told him the new signs are only set for people born this year and after. Is that true?

Answer by SeaGoat Girl
About the new zodiacs:

This is not new. It is Sidereal Astrology. Astronomers use the Sidereal zodiac, and Eastern cultures use it also.

Western astrology uses the Tropical zodiac. Your OLD sign (which really isn’t) is your Western sign. These NEW signs (which have been around for several thousand years) are the Sidereal signs. Either is accurate and can be used. It is your choice on how you wish to label yourself.

Astrologers have known about all this for years. It is nothing new.

Here is your Western zodiac:
Here is your Sidereal zodiac:

If you want to stay the same sign, follow Western Astrology.
If you want to follow the “new” sign (which isn’t but has been around for 100s of years) follow Vedic or Sidereal Astrology.

Nothing has changed except some astronomer wanted to get his name in the media and be famous for something that everyone who studies astrology already knew. Astrologers have been familiar with this concept for years


If you want to get a Western chart go to or
If you want to get a Sidereal chart, go to

Answer by Michelle
Nothing has changed. An amateur astronomer who knows nothing about astrology created this confusion. Astrology and astronomy are two different fields although the two were once aligned as parallel studies under one umbrella. Their interests are completely unrelated, and they work in completely different ways.

It doesn’t matter what year you were born or where. Whatever sign you were at birth is what you are now and forever.

astrology signs

What are some good books i can purchase on astrology signs?

Just curious?? Are there any good books on this topic that i could buy from a local bookstore? Thanks for your answers!

Answer by ℳelli
There are many but I wouldn’t waste money on that. I mean, astrology is cool but not cool enough to waste your money on. The internet has enough free info if you know how to google. The public library also carry astrology books that you can borrow.

Answer by Romans 2:1
Basics: Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs
Relationships: Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

once you have those good and memorized, grab a copy of The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need
(hilariously, written by Joanna Martine Woolfolk, who is the author of another astrology book… which you apparently don’t need)

astrology signs

What 2 astrology signs get along LEAST well together?

And, what astrological aspects are the MOST abrasive, unpleasant, difficult and horrible people to get along with?

Answer by Geela
Me and my Virgo brother, Taurus cousin, and Taurus father. You earth sign bastards!!!

Answer by ♥T♣k☺♪T○FF♥
Sun and Aquarius
Sun and Neptune
just bad together.
I’m a Gemini

Answer by Killer !!
i know who i (aires) never click with.. virgo.


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