Whats a good zodiac website for daily horoscopes?

I am really into astrology and zodiac signs. I love learning more about the zodiac signs but I know not all of the websites I read are legit. I was wondering if anyone knew of a daily or monthly horoscope website that they have found to be pretty true and legit. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

Answer by Pat

Answer by MarlaMartian
i go to: thefutureminders.com for a personalized daily horoscope. i don’t really check it that much though, but if you’re into horoscopes it’s the best site i’ve come across.

Answer by xoxo^-^
My favorites that I go on are:


Cafe Astrology: Astrology Signs, Horoscopes, Love



Which zodiac sign would you say is the most interested in their horoscopes?

Or do you think they’re all equal?

Answer by ox Luna xo
I think Earth signs because my best friend Is a Virgo and she is probably the only one i know -besides me- that is really interested in horoscope. I am also an earth sign, Capricorn

Answer by Raftar
i think all are interested.

some take it serious some for fun some for entertainment

i use it for entertainment

earth sign

Answer by hamilton914
I don’t think this is the right question – there are many attributes which make up a natal chart. I think anybody who has leanings towards: metaphysics, the occult, Jupiter in certain house placements, sagittarius in certain house placements, mars in signs etc. etc. etc.


How do I stop Yahoo from sending me SMS Horoscopes?

4 years ago i gave them my cell # and horoscopes have been sent to be at 2:15 every day since then. I want to stop them, but I have no idea how, and the only thing on Yahoo! Help about SMS is about yahoo messenger. How to I cancel this stupid subscription? Thanks!

Answer by Eric M
Try to email yahoo and cancel the subscription

Answer by mystik00769

Delete the horoscopes one. ๐Ÿ™‚