What zodiac sign should I pay attention to when reading horoscopes?

My sun sign is Gemini but my moon sign and rising sign is Leo. Which one should I look at when reading my horoscope?

Answer by Jay
Neither. You’d be better off asking your cat for his predictions. At least there’s some chance he knows something about you that might be relevant. If you don’t have a talking cat, try asking a friend.

Answer by emmy
Well, you’re compatible with air signs which are Libra and Aquarius so if that helps. It just depends on what you’re really looking for. Love Geminis

Answer by Nix
I never got into that moon and planet sign stuff. I just go with my sun sign because I have a life outside of dabbling in that zodiac stuff. So, just stick with your sun sign because its your real astrological sign, and get off the laptop and take a walk in the park or something.


How widespread is belief in Horoscopes and “signs” in America when looking for a gf or bf?

I see people always talking about compatibility with horoscope or zodiac signs, so this means that a lot of hot babes that i’m looking at might reject me for no other reason than what my sign is?

I can’t believe i might be discriminated against, just because i was born in a certain month?
What percent of women believe in this stuff?
Is it illegal to discriminate against me just because of my zodiac?

Answer by Lauren
You’d be surprised how many people don’t even realize what their sign is compatible with, or even their sign. Don’t fret too much, because the majority of people base their attraction on what they see rather than astrology signs. “Hey, baby, what’s your sign?” is simply a cliche.

And no, its not illegal to dislike you for your sign. Just like its not illegal to not date someone for how they look, or how they act. Just prove them wrong!

The zodiac signs are put in place to give one a gist of how they would react with other people. It is not to be followed like the bible, and several relationships get up and running where both the signs are known to be incompatible.

Answer by .
Wasn’t this sign compatibility thing big in the 80s, well now many people don’t even know what astrology is and now it’s not iilegal horoscopes is that to be for entertainment that’s why is in this section

Answer by chain-oBAMa-lightning
Astrology is a natural stereotyping concept that is akin to sexism and racism. There is no evidence (let alone no consensus) on which signs will be the worse or best compatibility. If companies screen people base on astrology, there would be plenty of law suits. But if some girl uses it, to me that would be rude. People should communicate. Not make false assumptions via magical thinking.

Statistics would be the best evidence for this notion but it is not there. After thousands of years even astrologers have access to the data. They could make a statement that they were wrong about birth date and compatibility. Won’t happen, they can’t be mistaken.
If a statistic actually did support an astrological claim, the believers would be on it like white on rice.