What website do you think has the most accurate horoscopes for your sun sign?

I haven’t really found a website that has a accurate horoscope. I’m a Aquarius. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Answer by Rissa019
none.. thats all crap

Answer by MK
I would recommend http://www.biotrend.us/

You can read daily horoscopes with video forecast and lots of information about all Western and Chinese Zodiac signs. Rated the best astrology website.


Are horoscopes important for a relationship?

Do you look at horoscopes to determine whether or or not if you should date a person? Or have you dating a person and eventually went further like marriage and your horoscopes signs or conflicted?

Answer by Kat
no. dont believe in that shit

Answer by old man on the hill
horoscopes should be looked at for entertainment only. they should not impact you life or you will miss out on too many good things

Answer by Soraya
I personally don’t believe so! You shouldn’t rely on a horoscope 😉 Do you feel comfortable with that person? Do you trust that person? Do you have stuff in common? That are things that really matter and should make up you’re decision if you should date that person not by looking at a horoscope


Are horoscopes bound to be true or can you change what the horoscope says?

i just read my horoscope and it said i am going to have 2 marriages. i do not want that to ever happen in my life. is there a way i can change my future upon this?

Answer by Rup B
My friend,it is said that only death is the absolute destiny of a person.Even the time of death cannot be said to be fixed as it can change depending on the lifestyle one pursues.Horoscopes can at best indicate only the tendencies and personality traits.
Considering what you have said i will advise you to choose a life partner who is healthy and leave the rest to the almighty.

Answer by Donna M
Normally horoscopes would not tell you something like that. No one can know that; however, for everything else there are specific ones that are correct to the T.

Answer by V K Choudhry Author & Astrologer
The planetary influences in a horoscope are true for its indications. However, if Jupiter or the lord of the ninth or fourth houses are strong one can change influences through the applications of astral/jyotish remedies. Astral remedies make strong the favorable weak planets for better results and propitiate unfavorable planets for reducing the level of difficulties. Astral remedies are really boon to believers.

You can certainly make use of astral remedies and change your future through appropriate astrological advice.


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