what user from the horoscopes makes u smile and whats their sign?

i like irish reds dry sarcastic witty remarks. capis are funny w/o realizin it
jerk filmraters obviously cause hes my soon to be husband<3333 im gonna move to his state to live with him and we are going to have a bunch of sagi/virgo kids =) MUWAHHHH tons of love for you babyyyy

Answer by Miss
I dunno. I am still kinda new here, but I gotta say I noticed few who got my attention.
I hope I will stick around longer to get to know you better 😉

Answer by Asteroid
Taeyoung- He is plain sarcastic, I appreciate this talent lol. He is a Cancer
Jen and Everything- I enjoy their girly conversations. Both are Taureans
Panda- Oh she is a pisces <3 Such a creative soul Lie Jay and Jerk F : omfg lmfao...that rebel thug makes me laugh so hard xD

Answer by ☼†£Serenity£†☼
Irish Red (Capricorn) is funny; she has a wicked sense of humor which I love and I always get her sarcasm 😉 Panda is super funny and very nice!! I believe she is a Pisces. Ava (Aquarius) is another on here that really knows her stuff and I appreciate her answers. Sarah (Sag) is also really sharp with Astrology and knows her business.

The Undertaker (Aries) is definitely my favorite on here..he is just amazing 🙂

May Not (Pisces), Everything (Taurus), Bree (I think she’s a Pisces?), Chris (Cancer), Tae (Cancer) and Jen (Taurus) are awesome too; they are sweet and I like their questions. I also adore BB and Carrie (both Leos). Funny (gemini) is very Gemini-like; intelligent, interesting and witty. Her answers crack me up sometimes.

I like Endora (or whatever name she’s going by now; she’s a Scorpio) a lot; she is really intelligent and insightful..and I miss some of the old regulars.

I also like Unknown (I think she’s a Virgo) a lot and Amethyst (Aquarius); both are very nice and always considerate with their answers. Been There is a brilliant astrologer and has taught me so much that I didn’t know.

Sorry; I named a lot more than one 😉


How bad is it that I’ve resorted to horoscopes and star signs to try and sort out my guy troubles?

I’m looking at compatibility, my negative personality traits, his traits, psychics etc…
I just feel like it’s not up to me anymore…

Answer by Mr. X
Well you should stop looking at horoscopes, they never really work.


Has coming here to the horoscopes section made you change your mind on a certain sign?

In a good way or a bad way???

And what was that sign and what’s yours?

Answer by Numero Uno..hell yeah!!!!!!!!!!!
the signs people hate here are the signs people love elsewhere

Answer by Monkry .
No . It has gotten much worse than before .

Answer by King of the Zodiac
I never realized how much I hate Pisces before I came here.