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What is the significance of the order of the astrological signs?

I am personally a Pisces… I’m wondering what the different thoeries out there say about the progression of the astrological sun signs… why do we start with aries and end with pisces? Any info or thoughts appreciated… web links would be great too!

Thanks in advance!

Answer by chaskfrazier
Aries rules the self the conscious mind, the head, the ego. Taurus rules the throat, your earning power and possessions. Gemini rules your chest, your siblings…Pisces rules the subconscious mind, the feet and the side of you that you try to deny or can’t relate to. Without going into every single sign here, I think you can see how the progression is going, oui?

Answer by Gipper
The astrological year begins on March 21st, when the Sun enters 0 degrees Aries. It is the beginning of Spring, the Vernal Equinox when Aries path crosses the Celestial Equator and days and nights are equal in length.

Answer by photobooth_mayhem
I’ve heard that Pisces has some of the traits of each sign before it. I’ve also heard that each sign represents a part of the soul’s lifetime. Aries is birth, Pisces is death. It also has to do with the houses and other such stuff. I don’t really know any specifics.

astrological signs

How do the astrological signs relate to each other elementally?

I guess my main query is in regards to how each element would relate to each other on an elemental scale. Each sign corresponds to an element, such as Leo and Fire, Libra and Air, Cancer and Water, etc. Air obviously feeds fire, but say we stick an Earth sign with a Water sign (say, a Cancer with a Taurus) – will they make mud? Or would two Air signs create a vicious tornado? What effect does Earth have on Fire or Air on Water?

Answer by jack h

The elements we use in Western Astrology are associated with the Greek philosopher Empedocles, who lived in the fifth century B.C. Fire and Air reach up and out. Earth and Water turn inward and downward.

The trick to all of this is to find a balance of these energies. Too much fire leads to panic and rage. Too much earth to depression and narrow mindedness etc. The elements tend to push us into their own areas. By combining them in creative and positive ways, it’s possible to actualize our own potential and find happiness and fulfillment. ( We hope!) Here’s a link to a site that talks about how the different elements combine:

Modern Astrology using the term Harmonics to describe a technique that divides the circle of signs based upon numbers other than the four elements of Classical Astrology. This is pretty advanced stuff, but interesting. The author uses the example of Bill Gates 13th Harmonic Chart to describe his fabulous wealth.

jack h

astrological signs

How many astrological signs does a person have?

I’m aware of the sun sign, rising/ascendent sign, moon sign, but I also heard of “sign in venus” and “sign in mars”.

What do these two mean and what are more signs + their meanings?

Answer by astrospy
There are ten planets in astrology, not including asteroids and nodes. The planets and what they basically represent in a word, is:


Each person’s birth chart shows each of the planets in the constellations or signs they were in when the person was born. There are 12 constellations which in a word stand for:

Cancer=family oriented
Capricorn=hard working
Aquarius=deep thinking

So each planet in it’s sign has a meaning which is the combined meanings of planet and sign, such as for example, Venus in Aquarius means deep thinking lover, Mercury in Capricorn means hard working thinker. Etc. And therefore, each person has ten planets in signs.