What is the point of horoscopes and how do you know what you are?

Im aquarius but how does this affect anything?
Im just wondering since i have no knowledge about any of this.

Answer by Danger Stranger™
You are human.
If you can feel pain, love, hunger, you’re human lmao.

But if you mean how do horoscopes play a part in your personality, they are like influences, just like where you live, how you were raised.

Just influences. Do you know your entire natal chart? If not, get one: Astro.com

Answer by Carol
The planets are our enviroment. As we are effected by our enviroment, the planets effect us. Astrology is the study of how they effect us. You can use it to predict the future or just to help you know yourself and others in a way you have never known before. Aqarians make great astrologers as they love people.


Horoscopes: What is a fine line between intuition and paranoia?

When do you know a “bad feeling” is intuition or paranoia?

Astrologically, what makes someone intuitive verses paranoid? Would Moon-Pluto aspects add more paranoia, specifically a square? Moon/6H square Pluto/8H?

Can paranoia be tied to anxiety? What aspects are associated with chronic anxiety that leads to panic attacks when someone has a feeling they are going to die?

Answer by Lightened
Intuition is something you feel, its almost like a calming feeling because it’s reassured.

Paranoia is always tied to anxiety. If someone has been abused, fundamentally, their intuition isn’t sound. Because they are confusing paranoia with anxiety. My therapist and I had a discussion about this. Many people mistaken anxiety/paranoia for intuition. Intuition is that nagging feeling your mind sends signals to the rest of your body, the ‘fight’ or ‘flight’ mode comes into play. It can happen the same for anxiety, but anxiety is due to fear, not a ‘warning’.

The woman in the parking lot, before getting into her car had this nagging feeling telling her to leave. She ignored this feeling. While preparing to find her keys, she felt her blood pressure sky rocket, heart beating, sweaty palms, dialted pupils, and loss of appetite (her flight or flight response has kicked in, somehow somewhere her intuition has senses danger) the women ignored it, as she found her keys, a man grabs her and sexually assaults her.

With many cases like this, the first thing the victim announces is “I had a feeling..” interesting right?

It would be paranoia/anxiety if the victim has been in this situation numerous times, and suspects ANY man is out to sexually assault her. Thus her regular fight/flight response will intertwine with anxiety responses, confusing her.

To say the least, victims that have experienced sufficient trauma, have a messed up sense of intuition.

Normally, you get an intuitive response within the first encounter of when in the presence of a person/threat. There was a real story i read in a big called ‘The Gift of Fear” recognizing intuition. Where a women was walking up the stairs with groceries, and a man had randomly appeared, someone she did not know. He offered to ‘help’ her with her groceries, as she told the story to the professional man that deals with these situations, she told him “I had a bad feeling about him. I don’t know what it was. But i just did, he made me feel uncomfortable.” The women ignored this, the man insisted on helping her (unsolicited) the man made it up to her apart, and raped the women.

Notice how in these situations, the victim will always repeat “I had a feeling. I didn’t trust him, something about him was off.” Yes, red flags and alarm bells sounded when:
– a strange man she had never seen before randomly show up in a staircase. How did he get in? He obviously broke into the apartment.
– he offered unsolicited help. she did not ask for his help, she told him she was fine, and he continued to insist and even told guilt tripped her, the women fell for it.
– he was rambling on about nothing – this is a tactic guilty/threatening people do, they ramble on about nothing, trying to reassure their victim they are ‘normal’ people.
– he mentioned to her “what? do you think I am going to hurt you? dont be silly, i will just drop the bags at your door and leave.” – logically, who says this? The women never asked what his intentions were. Another form of projection, this is what guilty people do subconsciously.

Answer by ♈ Grrrr ♈
OMG Sarah!! You never ask Q’s on here!! I like this one, you need to start asking more 😀

I think paranoia is more of a mental disorder and intuition is something everybody has, whether they choose to believe so or not. Paranoia may have something to do with OCD, as in a person can feel anxiety over mundane situations. Intuition is more of a calm feeling and does not being anxiety, it will bring a sense of “knowing” things that aren’t based on logic.

Moon Pluto aspects would be more of suspicious way of thinking in the Houses affected by it. 6th and 8th might contribute to issues with work ethic and fear of sexual intimacy, or on the contrary, the person might put TOO much effort into these. (Constant fear of being a failure at work; sex addiction.)

In either case, I think Moon/Pluto aspects can be intuitive, but oftentimes may be suspicious of their very own gut instincts, as Pluto squaring the Moon will cause them to second guess their emotions.

I wouldn’t confuse this with paranoia or anxiety, because intuitive thinking is certain of itself, whereas anxiety is brought upon by fearing the unknown.

Answer by thelibraunique
You distinct a “bad feeling” from intuition and paranoia, when you look at the context. Example: (Intuition) You see a person looking down, when they are talking about a hypothetical. Their hypothetical was they could’ve alerted the lady of the burglar in their passing to lunch class. That person looking down is showing his guiltyness, which is fed by a could’ve phrase. The could’ve phrase means they were knowledgeable, but their action was inactive, so this is a complicated guiltyness. Your intuition is you picking up his guiltyness. Example: (paranoia) You are that lady walking and you see that burglar walking in front of you. You’re paranoid by his inching hand, his scanning eyes, his body language inclining to you. nothing happens. then you get in your car, drive away, get home. at your home, you’re paranoid by creaks, taps on windows. then you watch t.v. there’s a news story of a burglar that robbed a home. ..Pretty much you feed the context of the passing of the burglar. You look outside the window. It is that same burglar from passing. The distinction between paranoia and intuition is very blending. But the “fine line” is things you notice (intuition) and things you overthink and absorb to a great amount (paranoia) and act on it.

Astrologically, I’d think Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces, Taurus placement have intuitive/ paranoid behaivors. I don’t know about Moon-Pluto aspects to that adding. I don’t know about that square. I don’t know about Moon/6H, or square Pluto/8H.

I think paranoia is a form of anxiety. I think Capricorn Moon may have that chronic anxiety that leads to said outcome. Scorpio Moon may have it too. I heard a story a Capricorn Moon was very anxious like that. I know someone from my past that had Scorpio Moon and she was very afraid of eeirie things that’ll risk her well-being.


How do horoscopes work?

Like in newspapers and online when they have horoscopes for each sign…how do they come up with things to say? And how do they end up being right? But then how come sometimes they are totally random and incorrect? I am a capricorn, btw if anyone wanted to know.

Answer by l_son88
It’s all made up…they do these general surveys…I learned it in psychology. It’s all made up stuff that these ppl come up with by questioning ppl and then putting answers up that they all have in common to post it.

Answer by favedave@pacbell.net
I’m sorry to tell you that horoscopes don’t “work” at all. They are completely random and have no basis in science. It’s an attempt to make life feel like it’s connected to random events, to make us feel like we have some control over over our lives in relation to the universe. The horoscopes you read in the newspaper, etc., are written by writers, who come up with them the way any writer of fiction comes up with any ideas: they use their imagination.

So, while they can be entertaining, horoscopes are not really useful. In fact they can be harmful like any belief system not based in reality. It’s better to face your problems head on and not waste energy on bogus solutions like horoscopes, religion, etc.

In other words, look inside yourself, not outwards.

As Shakespeare said, “the fault…lies not in our stars, but in ourselves…”