What is the name of the company that sells horoscopes that are rolled up like a cigarette you can purchase….?

They are categorized by Signs, and I just want to know if they have a website.

Answer by Capricorn12
I’m not sure what the company is called, but I know what you’re talking about. They usually have them in pharmacies like Rite-Aid and CVS.

Answer by The BounceR Arrested Dvelopment
Oh hon, I ain’t smokin so I dunno where you can get them cigarettes. Maybe Camel make them or …er… some other companies. I seen them stuff but can’t remember hon.


Any good sites for in depth horoscopes?

I was wondering if there were any good sites that had free personalized horoscopes?

Answer by jeev
check at astrologer.com

Answer by anonymus

For Free personal horoscope prediction


Kuber RA


Are horoscopes different now that pluto isnt a planet any more?

Are horoscopes different now that pluto isnt a planet any more????

Answer by mike
i really do not believe it matters to astrology, since there is no science involved.

Answer by Flying Car
Nope they are still fake.

Answer by KTDykes
They’re still just as groundless as they were previously.