What is the Horoscopes category about and what kind of questions do you submit here?

Answer by 2Cute2B4Got
About Horescopes, which is the practice of following belief that life can be predicted by the day of the month in which you were born.

Answer by 安 Outta My Mind 安
To sum it up, astrology.

Answer by Lilly S
why don’t you just look…
well okay, it’s just astrology seeing yourself in a different light,and more dept. Seeing how you can relate to your horoscopes and personality traits. See if your compatible with other signs and if you would have a good relationship or not, it might not always be true but it’s enjoyable. I love astrology I know myself so much better, I actually do. I’m a Gemini btw 🙂


Do you think the real Salina on Yahoo Horoscopes is prettier than Nicola McLean?

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Answer by So Happy! ♛
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Answer by の検索結果 ♏
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Do people only end up with their compatible horoscopes ?

Is it stupid to determine the person is ‘the one’ based on their zodiac sign ?

You only choose to love people who are compatible to them according to sign ?

Answer by quette irepse
It depends on what you mean by compatible horoscopes — people who are compatible sun-sign wise may not necessarily be so in the rest of their planetary aspects. People who do not have compatible sun-signs may be very fortunate to be compatible in other aspects, which may be strong enough to sustain a very strong compatibility.

There are many strong couples who do not have ” compatible horoscopes”, like fire with water or earth signs. Michelle Obama is a Capricorn while Obama is a Leo.

It will be rather superficial to determine whether a person is “the one” based on their zodiac sign, because in mainstream horoscope that’s really only just where the sun is aligned. There are still many more planets and their compatibilities!

Don’t allow horoscopes to choose who your significant other is 🙂

Answer by girl next door
nobody chooses according to zodiac sign its just so foolish… these study just gives an idea about the behaviour of certain group of people… but to grow a persnality mmany factors has their influences like the place where you born and brought up.. the environment you have born… the people you roam with… so many influences finally every person is unique in thier own way… no1 can categerize… this study jus helps and supports you… dont expect much outta this sun sign concept… you gotta beleive in a person than in these sun signs

Answer by tshnobodysfool
No – that’s ridiculous. What the astro profiles can do though is help pick someone it might not be such a struggle to be with or identify the areas that are harder and how to resolve differences.