What is the best horoscope website that gives horoscopes daily?

I’m looking for one…

Answer by *˙˙*
well i like yahoo’s i mean you can either choose to read the general horoscope for your sign or enter in your birth details and get a closer look at it. i’ve found it to be the most accurate… here’s the link:



Does a woman need a man to feel she is validated? Tired of horoscopes assuming I am dating someone.?

I just got through looking at an issue of Cosmo and I hate that the horoscopes assume you have a man in your life. I have never had a serious boyfriend and find that I can’t read more than half of the stuff in that magazine b/c I am single.

Answer by Untamed Rose
ummm your reading cosmo…what did you expect?

Answer by Goose
Well cosmo is basically a magazine for sex addicts. Some how every month the have even more “greatest new sex tips”. So maybe just try a different magazine that is less sex foucued. No you don’t Need a man to feel validated.

Answer by Crazy Cat woman O_o
horoscopes are a bunch of crap anyways. Just cold readings. So if I were you I wouldn’t worry about it.


Where is a good website to read on Horoscopes?

I’m not sure I care for yahoo’s to be honest (gasp) can I say that on here!? haha*

I want to read about womens and mens signs with daily, weekly, monthly, horoscopes etc and compatibility. and yes, this is just for fun lol


Answer by Jess

Answer by Brittnee
www.astrology.com – this website is AWESOME… there are like, twenty different kinds of horoscopes you can read! 🙂 daily, weekly, monthly, and a year summary. It’s neat!

Answer by Left-T – Business as usual 🙂
Go ot this website….. You’ll be well served whether you are looking for a daily, weekly or whatever. It covers both sex.