what is the basis for our zodiac signs, horoscopes and everything?

i know its based on astronomy, atleast im pretty sure they all are, but how were these horoscopes based on our signs actually created? basically, what is drawn from astronomy that actually says how we will act on a certain day, or even our looks and attitude in general, different for all signs?

Answer by ::EllesMommy::

(ps many ppl only look at their sun sign but you have 3 other sings that are just as important if not more, your moon, mars and venus, its your whole chart not just becaue your an aries you get along with a leo, it doesnt work like that)

here also if your curious about your birth chart go here and see what it says about YOU

Answer by Bi Gemini Guy

Answer by ChainLightninG⅜
Myth and superstition. Astronomy actually came from astrology.


Is anyone out there ever amazed at their horoscopes ?

I don’t look at it much or the ones in the paper but whenever I’m really troubled with something and I look at the horoscopes app on my phone it dead on accurate on my situation, like its crazy, is that crap real?

Answer by Amber R.
that’s because it’s vague.

Answer by ChainLightninG⅜
See the link. These people thought their ‘scopes were amazing too.

Answer by secrets
yes i’m a leo and it clearly explains who i am inside and out
my friend capricorn same thing too


How do horoscopes work?

I for one do not believe in Horoscopes, but its insane how accurate they are! How do they work is there a trick ? SO far they have been dead on for me.

Answer by Jack Calvinman
Its is total luck. They are random stories dead beats write for a living

Answer by Sophie Oatman
no,sometimes its just a big cowinkadink. they choose simple things that happen reguraly to people to trick you. hope i help 😛

Answer by Jenilee
horoscopes are tricky things.. they are made by people who study stars and planets and their affects on humans behavior and actions.