What is a website that has good, somewhat accurate horoscopes?

i know it can’t be completely accurate, but one that is pretty close.
thanks :]

Answer by Laro
I look at these everyday and compare.What i do like is the planet alignments-
And one more for the planets to the left side to comapare to your chart


Answer by David Firepig


Are horoscopes always truthful. Are they the work of the devil. Should I feel ashamed for reading mine daily?

Is it wrong to read horoscopes.

Answer by The UnderTaker
Astrology works. Horoscopes doesn’t. No harm done. If you want to read horoscope, no law against it and no sin committed and nothing shameful what the heck *****. Who makes these rules for God’s sake.

Answer by Richard S
There’s no need to feel ashamed. I find it ridiculous that one-twelfth of the population (so.. 0.5 billion people, give or take?) should live their lives according to one particular paragraph at the back of a tabloid newspaper.
If you find them fun to read, then carry on doing so. You’re not hurting anyone. Just bear in mind that it’s pretty unlikely that 0.5 billion people will all meet “the man of their dreams” on the same day and in the exact same way.

Answer by lala
The Under Taker gave you a very good answer


Does anyone think they should follow horoscopes?

do you think horoscopes are just stupid things that everyone should avoid? or do you follow them?
I’m not asking for advice or anything, just what you think.

Answer by Wicked Witch’s Honor!
oh the things in the paper… they mean nothing to me. no i wouldn’t follow them.

Answer by ∞∞∞∞∞∞There are no answers∞∞∞∞∞∞
I feel way too much.
But, everyday I automatically know who I will see (Regardless to me not seeing them in years) and what their sign is and whether it is them that are attracted to me or me to them.
Usually I read a horoscope at the end of the day and I am right, not just about who I will see but the whole giggity.

So, the answer is that we ARE ruled by planets. (Strange concept)
And that we should or shouldn’t or maybe it would be better to say will or won’t read our horoscope based on destiny.
But they are right..Always for me..Research numerology too..Awesomer too also.

Answer by Tori ♫♪♫♪♫
If you read it and find something you like, then have a great day. If you read it and do not like what you read, then have a terrific day because you have ignored it. If it says to be careful, then follow the advice.

Live free.