What is a good site to get full horoscopes?

im looking for a site that has the characteristics of all horoscopes…please put the link in the answer thanks.

Answer by The Shade

Hope I Helped!

Answer by ScorpioTurqouise
i use tarot.com


Do any of you put any stock into horoscopes when choosing who to date?

I think horoscopes are a bunch of nonsense. Why do some people decide who to date based on their astrological sign? Compatibility does not come by matching two signs but by shared goals, interests, and habits.

Answer by Semi-Sweet Me
You are most definitely right.

Answer by Emily
So True…


Why are horoscopes considered legitimate after all this time?

Let’s look at this objectively. In horoscopes the personality of a person can be determined by the positions of giant spheres of gas millions of light years away. How is this still a legitimate theory? I mean, come on. If anyone believes this then they’re also saying that your personality is set from when you’re born. In that case is DNA just a hunk of wasted space? And do serial killers have a specific star sign? I don’t get how anyone in their right mind can put any stock in this nonsense.

Answer by Ichabond
It’s not. Anyone that claims it’s legitimacy suffers from delusion. There has yet to be any shred of credible evidence behind every single claim that astrology has made.

The continuing fallacy, that planets and stars determine and influence human behavior is just a magical theory that has yet to be proven with any real evidence. Correlation does not imply causation – that’s basically all horoscopes and astrology seem to offer.

Astrologers like to ignore facts. That’s all it is.