What does this mean when in horoscopes it says “fewer than 2 planets in fire sign” etc 10 points best answer?

“fewer than 2 planets in fire sign” then it describes stuff
“four or more planets in earth signs”
“fewer than 2 planets in air signs”

What does that all mean? How do you know if there are planets in the those signs?

Answer by L ỡڙ κỀ
I don’t know in what horoscopes it says so.

Real horoscope’s called Natal Chart and each planetary position takes one place.

Each planetary position has its role in corresponding to the others. Based upon that a unique Chart’s done for one individual.

You’ve probably stumbled upon some generated answer based calculation and for that it’s better that you ask people who wrote those questions since in astrology it’s not important how many planets are “in the storage”, it’s important to determine every detail for a complete picture of the person. That’s how it’s done adequately, everything else pales in comparison.


Answer by GibBas
The composition of your chart is basically made up of “planets” in signs. Each sign has an element- fire, earth, water or air. Depending on the amount of planets are in each element can determine a part of your basic make-up. So, some books or websites give a basic description of the affects of differing amounts of elements in a chart. Very generally, fire is said to initiate things; earth is a practical element; air is to do with intellect and water is emotion. So if you lack planets in water signs, you may lack emotion, be a very cold sort of person.
Go to astrolabe and enter your birth details, this will give you a chart and a brief description of it all.


Does anyone legitimately rely on their horoscopes for guidance in their lives?

Sometimes I see people think to heavily on their astrology sign. Thinking that their personality is influenced by it, or that what they read is going to come true.. Does anyone really really actually believe it though?

Answer by Skippy
Not me, although I do occasionally read mine for entertainment value.

Answer by Paige.IndominantlyXSelfless
Nope not at all, but I do find interest looking into it sometimes.


Where do horoscopes come from? Who decided to list everyone’s personality by the year and the month?

Do you read your horoscope? Do you think there’s any validity in that kind of belief?

Answer by -±яǺvΐѕ-
Horoscopes written in the newspaper are bunk. It’s supposedly only accurate if you calculate your sun sign, moon sign, and natal birth chart.

Answer by MI3
astrologers made horoscopes they adapted this idea from ancient greeks

Answer by ohthat1girl
i personally dnt read my horoscope, being that im a christian nd the bible teaches that its wrong to read horoscopes since theyre demon-related. horoscopes r made 2 sound like it could apply to you in any way, when in reality theyre just being general so it could match anyone. in fact, if u were read another star signs horoscope without being told it wasnt urs, u would believe it.