What does polar opposits in the horoscopes actually mean?

Confused. First good answer 10 points.

Answer by Callisto
that they are a disaster together

Answer by WinterOpal
In opposite sexes it can mean a strong attraction, a love/hate relationship with miserable days and fantastic nights. In the same sex, it can mean instant dislike. But there are so many factors beyond sun signs in a relationship that nothing is carved in stone.

Answer by LookAlive Sunshine
Actually Callisto; polar opposites can work AMAZINGLY together if they can smooth out the differences and compromise

Opposites is basically where they lie in the zodiac chart. For example:
Aries polar opposite is Libra. It’s 180 degrees away from each other.
Taurus’ polar opposite is Scorpio
Gemini’s opposite is Sagittarius
Cancer’s opposite is Capricorn
Leo’s opposite is Aquarius
Virgo’s opposite is Pisces

Notice that the polar opposites of each Fire sign (Leo, Aries, Sagittarius) is an Air sign (Libra, Aquarius, Gemini), and for Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) the polar opposites are Water signs (Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer). They say Fire and Air, Earth and Water tend to make the best combination. But in my opinion it’s people from the same element that make the best combination (IE: water with water, or air with air)


If horoscopes are true why do people of compatible signs break up?

For example, why do Leos and Aries or Libras and Geminis break up?

Answer by Greg
Horoscopes aren’t true. They are completely made up. And people of compatible signs break up because they feel like it. Romance is not dictated by some kind of predetermined number or factoid.

Answer by dhruvsharma
There is a basic flaw in your question. On one hand you are putting credibility of horoscope matching at stake while on the other hand the only thing you are using is sun sign for matching.
See when you say horoscope it means all the 9 planets along with ascendant and the 12 houses. Take with that the 16 divisional charts and periods of the planets.
Now when you look at THE Horoscope you can see if the person will have separation/breakup. If the horoscope indicates that there will be break then such person may marry person with no matter how good compatibility, separation will take place.
Please remember that the popular sun sign matching and predictions that you see are only to generate viewership/get hits and it has no meaning in astrology.
Sun sign is of no use when it comes to compatibility. Infact the moon sign has much more importance since it controls mind and emotions. This is followed by signs of mars and venus and the most important position is always of the ascendant.
Matching and compatibility analysis is a very complex and time consuming exercise.


Answer by Helloooo nurse
bc sometimes people depend on horoscopes (sometimes) to make the relationship. We forget that when we are blessed with relationships, there’s still worked to be involved. Any blessing or opportunity given still involves work and humility.

people these days also just give up when the going gets tough… not like in the old days anymore when people fought for true love.


Are horoscopes real accurate descriptions of a persons character ?

Also how is this so?

Answer by Beth ♏
Well mine has been really accurate. I guess it probably just depends on how you feel about it, as I’ve met a few who think theres doesn’t match their personality whatsoever.

I’m a Scorpio, however I think I don’t possess all the traditional Scorpio traits. You have a whole natal chart represented by your birth date, time and place, which works out all your other planets etc, (you are actually made up of a mesh of different signs) which all contribute to your personality. If you just type in your details in the link below you’ll essentially get a whole personality profile of yourself, and you can judge whether it is accurate or not 🙂


Answer by sam
the only effect that stars have on you is gravity. And the force is so small that it is nowhere near noticeable. Stars don’t determine who you are. You do.

Answer by chainlightningâ…ś
It is just another form of discrimination. No one has control over when they are born. If we think it is wrong to judge others by race, sex, and national origin, why is judging someone by a date on a calendar better?


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