What do you think of horoscopes in general?

I myself believe in them but think it sometimes goes too far.

Answer by Sawyer
They are vague enough to apply to the masses, therefore making them believable to the most gullible.

Answer by Amanda
They’re fake. Just because you are born at a certain time shouldn’t define who you are. My horoscope said that I should be sensitive, motherly, and compassionate but I am none of those.

Answer by Your Mother
Fake, and doesn’t work. Try it, if you read someone else’s sign, and you didn’t know, you would still think, yep, that’s me.


Horoscopes: What zodiac sign (females only) is more likely to “show some skin”?

This Q is talking about females only. Which female signs like to show some skin with regards to how they dress?

Which females will be more modest and tend to cover up?

Explain your answers please; personal experience welcome 🙂

Answer by Rochelle
Libra would show some skin, Taurus would be more modest I’ve noticed.

Answer by Marie
I’m a Cancer sun/ leo moon and I don’t mind showing skin, I dress appropriately for where I’m going but like when I go out to clubs I don’t mind wearing short skirts or shorts and a cute low cut top.. My best friend is a Cancer too, and she dresses the same way.. My Virgo sister however tends to try and cover up, but with a little bit of peer pressure she will show skin lol.

Answer by Red
My Leo aunt is kinda embarrassing because she is like that, and around family members. Everyone wonders why she would want to show us so much like that.

Horoscopes! Is it possible to have your moon and ascendent sign the same?

I’ve gone to several sites, apparently both my moon & ascendant are Capricorn. Is this right?

Answer by The Collapse of Civilization
Of course, any combination between the Moon and Ascendant is possible, including them both being in the same sign. That’s not true for all placements in a natal chart, but for the Moon and Ascendant it is. The Ascendant changes signs every few hours throughout the day. The Moon changes signs every 2 and one quarter days. For your Sun and Mercury, though, Mercury can only be in the same sign, or the sign before and after whatever sign the Sun is in. Venus can be in the same sign the Sun is in, or it can be within two signs ahead of that sign, or within two signs backwards.

Answer by The Undertaker
Moon can be in any sign in the course of the month. It travels through all 12 signs at the rate of 2 1/3 day in each sign. You cab even have Moon in Cancer rising.