astrological signs

What astrological signs were the sun and moon in on this date?

I was born on October 26, 1995 at 6:30 AM, under the scorpio sign. Where were the sun, moon, or other celestial bodies at this time?

Answer by Been There
Depends on where this “6:30 AM” happens. It is not 6:30 AM in Tokyo, AND in New York City at the same time.
Moon will be in one place at 6:30 AM in Tokyo, but will have moved about 6 to 7 degrees further along by the time it is 6:30 AM in New York City.

Go to this site, and put in the date, time AND place, and you will get all the positions:

astrological signs

List of the most common astrological signs?

I need a list with each of the signs. One that shows them in order of likelihood (preferably in the U.S.).

List of the most common birth dates/birth months is also okay.

Answer by Nathaliee foo
sagittarius baby the best sign ever !

Answer by Nick
I was just looking at a list and the months were mostly equal. Can’t find the link though sorry

Answer by Miss 6
In my personal life I see a lot of Pisces After that there seems to be a lot of Libras.
On Y!A I see a lot of Scorpio’s.

I hope this helped.

astrological signs

How strongly do you consider astrological signs when choosing someone to date?

I know some people don’t consider it at all, and some would not make a choice without it. Is there any proof that these things DO play a factor in predicting a successful relationship?

Answer by Ebaby
I think its ridiculous to be honest.

Answer by Southern Girl
not at all when choosing to date someone.
But if problems arise, i get curious and check out how compatible our astrological signs are together.

Answer by Shine 07 13 71
I don’t consider them at all.
I may occasionally read the horoscopes for fun to pass the time, other then that it’s ridicules.