What astrological signs am i most compatible with?

astrological signs

What astrological signs am i most compatible with?

I am a Gemini, and i was just wondering, in terms of ALL of the other signs, who i am compatible with and who i am not? Listing your sources will also be helpful. Please don’t answer if you are just guessing. Thanks!

Answer by Etienne Bacon
Pretty much air signs and fire signs, Libra, Saggitarius, Leo, Aquarius, Aries. Earth and Water (by definition) are not so compatiable.
Air Signs

Fire Signs

Answer by ♀Serenity
Geminis are most compatible with Aquarius, Libra or any of the Fire signs (Leo, Sag, Aries)…they tend to clash with Water and Earth signs.

Of course, this is very general. In depth compatibility can be determined by charts :)

astrological signs

What do the various astrological signs mix to create?

My boyfriend said that different signs mix to create different elements — concrete, fire, etc. Can you tell me what these are or link me to a website to explain? Thanks!

Answer by srini
There are loads of websites on this. Here is one concise link:


astrological signs

What happens when someones main 3 astrological signs are of all different elements?

main 3 signs as in the sun sign, moon sign and ascendant or rising sign (ex. fire, water, air) Would this possible give them many split personalities and mood swings? Could this be beneficial in any way? Would this put them to a disadvantage when compared to those with more balanced/compatible sun, moon and rising signs? thx :)

Answer by Kayleigh
Nothing outstanding happens. This type of chart is typical of most people.

Answer by Ok…
I agree with K-Lee on this one. This would not give them split personalities, etc. Instead, you need to see it from another angle:

When they meet the other compatible sign, whether it be in a relationship, business partner, lover, etc. that’s when that part of their element will have it’s strongest awakening. Make sense?

Good luck!

Answer by Sagittarian Princess:)
mine too. i got fire sun, [ sagittarius, water moon [ scorpio] and earth rising [capricorn] and i have my really weird moments lol


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  1. marc says

    i have pisces- sun, aquarius- moon, and virgo- asc. thats water, air, and fire. i like the balance there although pisces and aquarius are so unconventional and all three are usually introverted so i often feel alienated. also, contradictions run wild. my piscean side is usually daydreaming and careless and carefree in the real world, meanwhile my virgo is noticing the smallest details and allowing small things to annoy me. im a perfectionist (virgo) and at the same time i say c’est la vie (pisces). my inner aquarian looks at both of them with a certain amount of disgust. he despises the virgo for being so superficial about matters that mean nothing in terms of a bigger picture. he can relate to but still is frustrated by pisces lack of productivity. his problem though, he is very ambitious and wants to do something very special but does not know what.

  2. <3 says

    This should actually give you a broader perspective and help you see things in many different ways. Most people have all different elements in the 3 main signs. Your Sun sign is basically you in a nutshell, your Moon sign is your self-perception, and your Rising sign is how others see you. Using your example, if a person was a Leo Sun (Fire), Cancer Moon (Water), Libra Rising, they would be a natural born leader with a big heart, who is not as sure of themselves as Leos usually are, and others see as an overall happy, likable person. This doesn’t sound like a bad person at all to me. It helps them see things from many different points of view. The only problem would be if someone’s Sun and Rising signs were of different temperaments (positive or negative) then they might come off as fake or secretive, but in the example you gave, both Fire and Air are both positive temperament so this person wouldn’t have that problem.

    P.S. Marc, Virgo is an Earth sign, not a Fire sign…

  3. ♈ Grrrr ♈ says

    You will have the traits of 3 signs. If all of your signs are drastically different from each other, I think they would end up balancing each other out quite nicely.

  4. Ms Sedgwick says

    pisces sun – water
    gemini moon – air
    sagittarius rising – fire

    i do have a bit of a mood swing although the gemini moon alone could be the only thing responsible for it. i don’t think i have split personalities although i contradict myself a lot because i always want to see things from different point of views.
    my mood usually goes from being depressed to feeling really happy temporarily, then neutral most of the time…
    i rarely feel angry. i’m too easy going and sometimes i don’t even notice when someone’s picking on me. i don’t care anyway.
    i guess all these different elements make me slightly more complex than other people. sometimes i feel like i don’t understand myself very well

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