astrology signs

What are your strange experience in life regarding astrology or zodiac signs?

What I noticed and experienced is that I get on real well with almost every june gemini I’ve met.I noticed that alot of water sign people have eyes that have this deep watery look to them.I noticed that fire sign men seem very masculine.I’ve known that most of my friends are earth signs.And that fixed signs seem pretty rigid and sturdy.This is my experience. What are your experiences that you have noticed with astrology??

Answer by David
when I started getting into it and I read about my house placements and it seemed like it described my life to me…made me a believer. The stuff about childhood was almost creepy how close it was to what I went through as a child.

Answer by Raftar
what ever you want to read in you you can read in these stars.

astrologers write and people pick from it whats best for them

sorry for bad english

astrology signs

What is the astrology signs for men and women?

where can i find the symbols that represent men and the symbol that represent women?

Answer by Gur8


Answer by analystdevil
A woman is a circle with a cross at the bottom.

A man is a circle with an arrow pointing up and to the right.

Answer by Lady In Red
Do you mean the text symbol for the signs?

astrology signs

Do you see it as a bad trait that a person believes in zodiac signs/astrology?

sometimes i’ll be curious about a person, and they seem level headed and sane… then they tell me in a serious voice that they are “ because they are
it just makes me wonder why so many people who seem logical and normal have this flaw of thinking something as insane as astrology has an effect on how they see reality and how they judge themselves.
they seriously use zodiac signs to gauge the world around them, and it really disappoints me.

Answer by Flossy Gold Gedge
A person who suckers for astrology will sucker for most any scam. If you investigate further you will also discover they are liberals. Liberals have zero logic power, so they buy into most any scam.

Answer by Muffy
No, everyone has to put their fate into something so that they can have hope. Some put it into god, others put it into astrology, and some put it into science. Everyone has their own way with dealing with things. Just some are a little more reasonable then others.

Have a nice day ! ๐Ÿ™‚

Answer by Sky Walker 7
I’m an Aries and still crazy