What are the top most compatible zodiac signs for a female gemini?

I am a female gemini. What are the top most compatible zodiac signs for a female gemini to fall in love with?

Answer by Skylar
Libra: This is your best match. They have just enough in common with you and just enough that’s different.

Aquarius: Just capricious enough for you.

Leo: At first you may be attracted, but this pairing is ultimately unstable.

Taurus: Too slow for you

Cancer: Too stable and domestic

Pisces: Too emotionally needy you’d hurt them far too often

Does hollywood purposely match up compatible zodiac signs with actors?

Every time I look up some actors in a certain movie, their signs are always compatible in movies…why? Is this done purposely or not?

Answer by x-coke-x
I think its purely coincidental. No way to prove it.. but would be cool, if it did lol.

Answer by King of the Zodiac
I doubt it, but I’m sure casting directors take chemistry between actors into consideration.

Answer by !_!
I searched That’s So Raven and the mains are Fire signs and a Libra. I don’t think it’s a coincidence!

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What’s your opinion on compatible zodiac signs?

Have your read any before? Do you believe them? Is it true for you? Any experience?
I’ve read it before on this guy I liked 3 years ago. He liked me too but he never told me, someone else did. It said we aren’t ment to be together. I don’t believe them because I looked up my parents’ signs too and it said they weren’t compatible. What’s your opinion?

Answer by heavenly divine
Hm I never tried to notice

Answer by Shih Tzu
Don’t take things so literally. Zodiologically speaking, we are all more than one sign. I am a Libra, which should make me indecisive and emotional, however I have a Leo moon which gives me strength and makes me highly decisive. Why don’t you study up on the subject, there is much more to it.

Answer by Fearless Leader
Using astrology for this is a discrimination. No one chooses when they are born and there is no evidence for the stereotyping astrologers must make. Is it not better to judge people on merit rather than using a calendar?


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