What are the most unfailthful astrology signs?

astrology signs

What are the most unfailthful astrology signs?

Answer by D
None that stuff is phony as f***

Answer by Tony
What a load of rubbish.

Answer by Plutonic Feline
All signs can be unfaithful but generally mutable signs are more prone to cheat: Pisces, Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo

astrology signs

what do you think the astrology signs of the jersey shore people are?

i’m thinking mike is an aries?

Answer by briana:)
snookie seems really sensitive and reckless im gonna say either a pieces or cancer

Answer by KBizz
I answered this question a couple weeks ago, here’s what I think (obviously not necessarily their true signs, just what they seem like to me):

Vinny – Libra
Mike – Taurus
Ronnie – Cancer
Pauly – Gemini
Angie – Sagittarius
Jenni – Scorpio
Sammi – Capricorn
Snooki – Pisces

Answer by Greg R
What the hell is that!?

astrology signs

Why are the astrology signs changing ?

Ive heard that they are changing… and that a virgo becomes a leo and a taurus becomes a aquarius or something xD .. So why ? Why are they changing?

Answer by Mystic
Please people do some homework. You are still a sag or scoprian. For those who think it applies only after 2009, you are very very wrong. This is not big news, in fact, this buzz about Ophiuchus happens about every 8 or 9 years. Astrologers have known about this for about 3,000 years. Western astrology has adjusted for the precession (which is what this astronomer not astrologer is speaking about). There is nothing new. It was decided thousands of years ago not to include Ophiuchus for math reasons.This is about some poor lonely astronomer who wanted some attention, and made a known fact popular again. That is all.
So nothing has change, but this website that has had at least a hundred questions all asking the same thing, and many good responses.
For those who think it applies only after 2009 Why? Does the stars get up and move suddenly? Please understand the concept of the whole situation before responding nonsense.

Answer by Tori Hanson
Why do people care? It’s shit anyway. God hates astrology, But Satan like it.

Answer by AquariLe
The signs haven’t changed. The media just doesn’t know the difference between Sidereal astrology and Tropical astrology, so they announced the dates to Sidereal astrology cuz they were ignorant about it even existing. It’s been practiced in the far east for 1000s of years! But the majority of westerners/Americans practice Tropical astrology. Those are the dates you’ve been used to and those date won’t ever change. The 2 systems are completely separate! They’ve confused a lot of ppl. http://news.blogs.cnn.com/2011/01/13/no-your-zodiac-sign-hasnt-changed/ helps explain it.


most unfaithful zodiac sign;list from 1 through 12 most unfaithful female zodiacs;are sagitariuss known to be unfaithful?;


  1. xiahsu says

    any sign can be unfaithful,it has more to do with the person’s values,but from what i know Sagittarius are known for being unfaithful,they love their freedom and rarely commit in a relationship because they don’t like to feel tied down,they tend to love casual dating and they are fans of “one night stand” .

  2. GandaS says

    No actual Zodiac Sign is to be tag as the most unfaithful sign among the twelve. There are many method to see unfaithfulness but some examples can be seen in the 7th house if it is occupied by malefic planets such as Mars, Sun, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. or the 7th house is being dhristed by or aspected by these planets 7 houses away from them or with their special aspects.

    Also if the the 7th Lord is in conjunction or in the same house with the bad planets… So with this patterns one may have the tendency to become unfaithful because of their malefic influence.

  3. sodayellow says

    I agree with xiahsu.
    Saggitarius! one of my ex boyfriends is a Sagittarius, and he cheated!. he had another girlfriend, but he broke up with her for me..
    but i also knew that he had all these one night stands with all these girls when we werent together yet.. and i am now married and going to have a baby. and he now has a new girlfriend. but just a month ago he messaged me on facebook! asking me how im doing and etc etc, wants me to call him. and flirting with me! saying his relationship with his girlfriend isnt working and he miss me! and that i am having a baby now, he has nobody to wait for anymore. ( pissed the hell out of me!. I am now married! and for me he is disrespecting me! I love my husband.)
    ugh. sorry its long but I think sagittarius is the most unfaithful !

  4. ♌ To Jupiter and back ♐ says

    Based on Sun sign only ~ Gemini,Sagittarius,Aquarius. They are very independent freedom lovers,they are easily bored,they prefer short relationships and just to have fun

  5. Peace says

    I don’t think sings make a person faithful or unfaithful. Its wrong way to determining people nature.

    If you ask people who is most unfaithful to them, they will give reply to the person sign who they hated most. Two person having same sings can have different personalties and just because one or few persons of some specific sing cheated anybody does not make whole group unfaithful.

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