What are some differences between prophecies and horoscopes?

What is different and similar about them?

Answer by A Black Man’s Holy Grail
They both tell you something extremely vague and general that it will probably happen even if they never predicted it

Answer by Archangel TJ
prophecies are stupid.
horoscopes are retarded.

Answer by Wayne T
The difference is a prophecy is supposedly directly from God; no stars or constellations are involved in predicting an event.


Can you explain what Mercury retrograde means in terms a person not experienced with horoscopes can understand?

I have heard this term a lot but it isn’t quite clear what it means to me.


Answer by princessblaise39
Mercury retrograde

mercury is the planet of communication

i have mercury retrograde in my chart – i find it a useful aspect

when mercury is retrograde we can experience delays and miss-communication – ( it often works the opposite for me – i get jobs when mercury is retrograde)

it is a good time to reflect and catch up on unfinished business and paperwork

hope this helps


What are the Feb 2012 Town & Country magazine horoscopes?

We cant find the magazine on the shelves. Can you look in the back of your magazine and type in what it says for Sagittarius. Thanks.

Answer by lala
Go to astro . com and you will get your horoscope