Should i believe the zodiac stuff and horoscopes?

They are correct about most peoples personalities in several ways; however they are also very, very wrong on some things. BUT I WILL NEVER REALLY TAKE THEM SERIOUSLY, just into consideration.

Answer by vanna204
It’s up to you really. I don’t even read my horoscope, stars can’t decide my fate… Only I can do that.

Answer by Fire & Ice
Yes, it is wise to just take them into consideration, just as general guidelines and not as hard and fast rules. There are too many factors in human life and in someone’s astrology chart which come into play… so while “zodiac stuff” serve as guidelines… they are just that, guidelines. There are still more unknown things in life which play into the equation.

As for horoscopes, it’s better to take it with a grain of salt because the source of the horoscopes have to be taken into consideration. Horoscopes are not predictive and even if they happen to be at times, they are still guidelines since with every rule there is always an exception.

So it is sensible to take these into consideration only.

Answer by your mother.
they only run your life if you let them.

they are contradicting, as you stated, some things are correct and others are wayyy off.

follow ur dreams, be with who u want to be with, and dont let a zodiac or horoscopes change that!


I use Ouija boards and believe in horoscopes will I go to Hell?

I also kiss my friends at slumber parties but we mean it in a heterosexual way. My brother makes fun of me and says I will burn in Hell for eternity. Is this true?

Answer by Dude12
hell is a state of being – not a place.

if i’m wrong, point out ONCE where jesus said its a place. he didn’t

don’t believe everything you hear.

Answer by Joshua the Great Purple Hippo
No, but free thinking skeptics will make fun of you.

Answer by Gabriel Couture
It depends on your religion. I don’t believe in religion, so I’ll say no, it’s bullcrap.

If you believe in religion 100%, then yes, you’ll burn in hell.


How do i get horoscopes sent to my phone for free?

i wanna be able to read my horoscope everyday off my phone… how do i program that so they can send automatically to my phone

Answer by tR@c!3
Get the iPhone.
There’s tons of Apps for Horoscopes and Astrology.
Don’t use other phones; you’re just begging to get ripped off.