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Should astrology/horoscopes and accurate ever be used in the same sentence?

Curious, because astrology is the antithesis of accuracy. If the only rebuttal you have, is some personal attack about what you truly think of me, than I truly applaud you for furthering my doubt in horoscopes and astrology, that it is indeed a load of rubbish.

If it was so accurate, there wouldn’t be this vehement resistance taken in the form of ad hominem arguments to prove it.

Should these two ever be used in the same sentence in all seriousness?

Answer by Oh my God. They killed Kenny.
You just did

Answer by trees
you’re firing on all cylinders rosebud !

I saw your avatar and was like, hey he’s back, that takes courage, and then I saw your question.

Dude…we really got to ya, didnt we?! -should astrology/horoscopes and accurate ever be used in the same sentence?
Comon man, you lost it !

Answer by TheScorpio ♏
If you don’t believe in astrology, why do you ask questions in this section? I’m a Scorpio and if I stop believing in something I will simply ignore it. Well, each to their own I guess. It’s just, asking questions on a section you don’t even believe in seems a bit of a waste of time…

astrology horoscopes

Astrology & Horoscopes?

So there are twelve signs of the Zodiac. In our minds, acronymically we know them as Sun Signs (or whatever you want to call it.

I just want to know (in the astrological picture), which one of these twelve Zodiac Signs are
more liked or more considerable when it comes down to it?

Answer by Miss-Aquarius
Honestly, I feel that all signs are well liked and equal considering the fact that in each person there more signs other than sun signs such as Moon signs, Venus signs, Mars signs, and etc.

This is a case of individuality, each and every one of us inherit a unique traits from the Zodiac sign. But to answer your questions, I would say that there are signs that are talked about a lot in this forum such as Scorpio, Aquarius, Capricorn, Virgo, and Sagittarius.

Answer by Hwee_Ng
When it comes to the signs being well-liked, there are no hard and fast rules. The whole zodia wheel can broadly be divided into 2: masculine(yang) & feminine (yin), active & passive. The Air & Fire signs are made up of masculine active energies and can often viewed as more extroverted, sociable, outgoing etc. They are the ones who like to be seen/heard and are more ‘out there’ than the feminine passive Earth and Water signs who are more introverted by nature, quiet and receptive compared to their counterparts.

As such, it all depends on individual preferences when it comes to what qualities they like in a person. There are positive and negative characteristics associated with every zodiac sign. Each sign has good qualities endowned upon it, as well as difficulties to overcome.

But bearing your question in mind, the more congenial or popular signs would be Libra (peace-loving & diplomatic), Leo (generous & pride-loving), Aquarius (communicative & sociable), Saggitarius (freedom-loving, love travelling). The more passive earth and water signs usually do not enjoy the limelight as much as their fire and air counterparts but if other more hard-driving masculine influences are present, they can be just as, or even more popular as well.

astrology horoscopes

how do i get rid of the horoscopes/astrology from yahoo?

i don’t want to receive any more emails from Astrology/Horoscopes. how do i stop it?

Answer by L ỡڙ κỀ
Try in the options.

I never use things such as those.