Question relivent to horoscopes and married couple fighting?

The last week or so my wife has been giving me a affectionless style silent treatment over a fight we had. I read some horoscopes for me that seem to make me feel better about my situation thats been stressing me out emotionally and mentally. Am I right to feel relief or should I still be on my toes? What do you think?

Answer by groundhog
The way you feel is always right.

Answer by Matthew
Are you sure that that’s Question and not simply an acceptable example of answer?

Answer by free_angel
It’s very wise to depend on horoscopes. You need to treat them as if they were the gospel truth. You also need to invest in fortune cookies. Those little slips of paper inside of them are full of real important information. Pay strict attention to your lucky numbers that you get from a cookie. You could very well become a millionaire.


Is it just me or do Yahoo horoscopes really suck?

I dont take horoscopes seriously and I don’t believe in Astrology, but I do think they are entertaining to read. But man Yahoo horoscopes blow!
Does anyone else ever read them?

Answer by jk poet

Answer by Hilary S
No your not believe me!! They tell me that I am a Homebody and crap like that… And I am far from wanting to stay home all the time… It really makes me mad… Don’t worry

Answer by bombhead
all horoscopes should be judged on their merit as works of fiction – otherwise they all suck! ๐Ÿ™‚


How an earth can people believe in horoscopes?

There is no evidence and people are saying all the people in the world into 12 groups. It’s like all other physic stuff, it’s all rubbish and I find it hard to believe that other people get drawn in by it.

Answer by Brent Wheeler
Because people want to beleive in something. Most people I know dont beleive them, but just read them for fun ๐Ÿ™‚

Answer by HelloKittyGirl
i dont know, this latest fiasco of people thinking their whole personality changed overnight just because some nobody decided people were reading the zodiac wrong made me even more of a sceptic. as if the usual crap wasnt enough lol

Answer by Shirley
Because it is scientific & has been proved for centuries-it is not a fad
If prediction is rubbish,do you have any idea about Nostradamus?
To believe in horoscopes requires maturity & deep thought

Naturally,not everyone is capable of that