Why do you believe that horoscopes are accurate?

I’m curious to hear from people who believe that horoscopes are accurate and their reasoning for why they think it is. Detailed examples that are well-reasoned with examples will be the best, but if you just want to give your opinion that’s good too!

Answer by ♋H0T LyKE CAjUN♥
hmmm idk why i do believe ! … everything horoscopes tell me happens.. i try to be like nahh.. they just make things up everyday ya know. but since ive been into them ive found the more i read everyday, the more they come true. its crazy !

Answer by MMB
I don’t think that horoscopes are accurate but I do believe that people do pocess certain personality characteristics of their sign. I can usually tell what someone is when I meet them.

i didnt believe it at first but then it all started to make sense, for example….. last month my horoscope said libra will enter my world or something like that and money issues will arrive and there was my ex calling me, and we had issues about money. or that scorpios will enter your world and there was my scorpion ex boyfriend begging back to me. everytime they say something like that it happens


What do you call things like Horoscopes, numerology, birth stones, blood type personality and stuff?

What is the term for things like horoscopes, numerology, birthstone, blood type personality, zodiac signs, hand palm readings and such?
Besides that. -.-.
I don’t really believe in it. I am just curious as to what it will say about me.

Answer by Jonathon

Answer by Irish Red

Some people call it “New Age” but that’s not really accurate. The collective term is “esoteric”. Some times you’ll hear it called “alternative”

Answer by Amethyst33
I call these topics “meta-physical” studies. Anything dealing without material form or substance. I believe the prefix “meta” means “beyond.” “Beyond” what the field of science studies, as in that which is most often tangible and can be observed.

Meta-physical Studies are when you study the intangibles of life, such as love, knowledge, faith. These things are intangible. That which we cannot “see.” The intangibles are the most important things in life but unfortunately many are much more interested in the tangibles of life. Such as money in the bank, the great car, the great house, the great wardrobe. The tangibles are “easily seen.” The intangibles are invisible. I believe the intangibles are all that really matter here on earth. Of course we need shelter, food, warmth. But once those physical needs are met, love reigns intangibly supreme. We are here to love. Simple. And to forgive. Not so simple. Yet both top the list on exactly why we are here.

We are here to love. And the metaphysical studies focus on what cannot be scientifically observed. How could we measure “love?” How could we measure “faith?” Yes it is the intangibles that mean the most. Always. Everywhere.

Hope this is helpful. Good luck and bless you.