astrology horoscopes

why do people believe in astrology/horoscopes?

You ever notice how many of the horoscrops have a general statement that will, most likely, apply to your individual situation? Nearly all horoscopes are not carefully constructed, or are in fact generated randomly. People interpret the same text in different ways to suit them best.

in short, why do people believe this?

Answer by A girl
I don’t believe in horoscopes.. I only believe in the personality traits, the Zodiacs.

Answer by Raven’s Symphoiny
Why do you believe in your beliefs???

Answer by Dyann S
Your just crazy lol lol

astrology horoscopes

0800 Horoscopes and Cafe Astrology give different birth information to same birth data o: ahhhh?

which one is more accurate, cuz i just typed in my birth time, and it said i had different houses in 0800 Horoscopes than Cafe Astrology o.o

Answer by Fjftjftjfj
hi best frannnn

Answer by Mila
Hi Best frannn LOL

And Cafe. Cause i went to another website for birth charts and got the same info and i have a book about astrology (Still trying to understand) and got the same information. ๐Ÿ™‚

Answer by Chris Q.T.
0800 doesn’t include daylight savings

try asking your birthchart info with an astrologist
i asked mine to a regular named left-t, a libra like i lol

hope i helped,,

p.s. don’t even worry about
when i got a reading, my 6th house just went one sign back (cause it’s angle was close enough to change by daylight savings)
& one of my houses was incorrect by the Angles LOL, the sign was still the same
this is my chart, my 6th House says Aries
but it’s really Pisces
& Left-T also told me that my Moon was conjuncting one of my Comets (i don’t remember which exactly)
so the site just basically left out an aspect it didn’t show
hope i helped here again ,, lol also i believe a person has at least around 100 aspects (than where a site shows you 14 of your aspects)

astrology horoscopes

Does it annoy you when people think astrology and horoscopes are the same thing?

I believe in astrology but not horocopes and it irritates me when people get the two mixed up or think it’s the same thing .

Answer by evident
no, but astrology includes horoscopes

Answer by Congenial Demoniac
Yes, it annoys me more than anything else. Astrology is a complex science, and horoscopes are for entertainment in the newspaper.

I know many people are new to astrology and don’t understand that, but how many times does it need to be said before they embrace the concept!

Answer by Left-T
GOOD point. They even have a different spelling ๐Ÿ™‚ Horoscopes are generalized while Astrology are personalized.