Why do horoscopes say that the rising sign is important ?

When it changes every 2 hours.

You’re more often than not to find more than 100 different people on this earth with the exact rising sign. How does that make you unique? There is nothing special about this.
If I’m a jerk for stating the obvious than I guess i am!

Answer by Zen’s Dreams
Why are you even wasting your time? Seriously, if you’re so ignorant that you can’t even begin to take a moment to get past your skepticism you’re not getting anywhere asking questions. All you want to do is insult good loving people.

I’m beginning to think you can take all of this and shove it up your ass. You’re lucky I’m not one of the good loving people.

You’re just being an asshole. That’s all there is to it. You want to be a d***. You win! You’re a d***! Congratulations!

Answer by Sardonic Ivy
You don’t understand. The Sun Sign, Ascendant, and Moon Sign are the most dominant features in our astrological makeup. But it’s the full natal chart that lists the unique traits. Try it out.

Answer by Ananya
It depends on combinations of the planets as in whole…and their degrees…and nakshatra..and if ascendant is changed then all the other house have different planets too, which signify different aspects of one’s life and character …and within that period sometimes a planet or 2 also changes which changes the whole picture. And remember astrology is true but only 30% or so, rest is your environment and your own thinking and character.


How accurate have your horoscopes been?

Mine have been very accurate. Im an Areis and didn’t know I was till i was like 10. I really never payed attention it. But when I first read about Aries it WAS me. Almost 100% me. And alot of my horoscopes have been coming true.

Answer by We Just Like2Party
Around 80% true for me.

Answer by taurus-starrx
ok its 99.9% which makes me really interested because i visit more than one website daily.
try them:

Answer by sarah
same here i never payed attention to horoscopes until the other day i decided to check what it says about a saggitarius and it was almost accurate and i think i may start paying attension to them more.


Where can I find quality, free daily horoscopes other than on this website and others similar to it?

I’m getting interested in astrology, what are some good free websites?

Answer by meissen97
Quality? Nowhere. No matter how you fancy up a pig, it still rolls around in it’s own waste.

Answer by welltraveledprog
There is nowhere in the world that you will find “quality” horoscopes.
The positions of the stars and planets have no effect whatsoever on your life, in any way, shape, or form.

I’d suggest getting interested in *astronomy* instead — that’s real, with evidence to back it up.


Answer by Metric Summer