Why do astrology signs matter in love relationships?

i keep seeing questions where people say, “i’m a virgo, he’s a scorpio” and stuff like that. why does it matter what your sign is in a relationship? i’m a saggitarius and my boyfriend’s a leo. what does this mean?

Answer by Your Fat Mama
It doesn’t mean anything, but lots of people are superstitious and want to believe they have control over things when they really don’t.

Answer by tom m
It means nothing. The whole thing about signs is so old and untrue its stupid. Don’t pay any attention to signs, just go with your heart and your head.

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Of ALL the Astrology signs which one (if male only) is more susceptible to cheating?

Are certain signs more prone to cheating than others?

Answer by Truth
Scientifically there are absolutely no links between behavior and star signs. Sorry to break it to you but Astrology is utter rubbish much like tarot reading.
They give very broad, easily adaptable explanations of weekly events that many take personally while in fact are just yet another mainstream way to get money from people.
So no, no signs are more prone to cheating than any others.

Answer by joon
Pisces tend to be the perves of the zodiac… But that doesn’t necessarily make them cheaters.
Sagittarians are fickle but are so honest that they’d never be able to keep a lid on having cheated so usually wouldn’t…
I’m just not sure??

Answer by Leo Jen
I would say sagitarius

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what is the difference between zodiac and astrology element signs?

based on the zodiac, my element is yin water. but based on the astrology chart, my element is air.
so what is my real element, or is there really any difference between these?

Answer by ◕‿◕~Adon~◕‿◕
Most people have all four elements in their birthchart. The most dominant element would be the one you have the most of after looking at your entire birthchart.
There is a world of difference between the elements.
Air= mental & intelluctual
Water= emotional, feelings
Fire=energy and enthusiasm of the spirit
Earth=sensual & grounded


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