astrology horoscopes

where to get a free app on your phone for horoscopes and astrology?

i need a free horoscope and astrology app any other adds i’m fine with, more than happy to see them. thankyou in advanced

Answer by akki
go to chose phone and sellect the appa and download it free

astrology horoscopes

I do not want to receive astrology horoscopes to my

I do not want to receive astrology horoscopes messages to my

Answer by i_like_beans_an_toast
umm ok i wont send you any 😉

Answer by Bama Gurl
ok so whats ur question?

Answer by WebkinzRule101
well spam the thing!And the reason why you are probably getting spams is your telling the whole world your e-mail!

astrology horoscopes

Why do people take astrology and horoscopes to the heart?

My thing is if you dont like it why are you answering questions in the section. Its like people get so mad about it. Some people study it some people do it for fun.

Answer by Kim
That’s because they really believe in to it.. They really think. That astrologic is gud

Answer by Rafa
Just to explore meaning about yourself and try to apply it to your daily life.

Answer by retarded Star
False beliefs harm society. People believing in fairies and goblins, myths and legends are retarding progress and need to wake up