Where can I find horoscopes for September 2008?

I like the sites that have columns (you know, for love, money, friends, etc). Thanks! Just something to do for fun.

Answer by Miss 6
Here I like this place: http://www.adze.com/LifeStylePlanner/

Just be sure to click on advanced so you can put in your birth time and place its pretty accurate.

Answer by horse_2go4
go to http://www.astro.com to access a totally free horoscope service, enter your details and the service will generate a horoscope for you with a fairly accurate assessment. This site also provides a day to day forecase which is quite accurate. There are also a number of interesting articles on astrology which you can read.

It is important to enter the exact time and place of birth otherwise the service is very general


When will people realize Horoscopes are not scientific and serve no purpose?

The purpose is served is through visual magical thinking.

Answer by โ™Œ Drops of Jupiter โ™
Well,probably never ๐Ÿ™‚ let us believe in what we want to believe.

Answer by Anonymous
I know that but it’s fun, fun, fun!

Answer by Sean
That is a monumental statement to make because you have dismissed an ancient tradition with one sweep. Very brave of you, good on you but will you answer me this please, what’s your credibility or where’s your references or proof?


Why do people think horoscopes are real?

I mean there are reasons they are under ENTERTAINMENT right? I get annoyed when people ask questions like how to hurt/help/talk to/ a scorpio, cancer, etc etc. It seems so stupid.

Also as an unrelated part should religion be under entertainment too?
The pulling of the moon on the sea does affect the tides but measured it is less than a mosquito pulling on it.

Answer by Pete
because people are stupid

Answer by jordan
Because they’re idiots/

Answer by Jessica
I treat horoscopes as one thing to make my life more beautiful. Not mess my life and make me down. Just let these persons who trust horoscopes go! I never mind! lol