What sites have horoscopes like astrodienst?

Astrodienst is great but they keep trying to get my money… any other awesome sites with personal and couple horoscopes that are thorough and free?

Answer by Erica
You can try http://www.similarsitesearch.com/. Enter astro.com

Answer by Intensified Moon
* I like www.cafeastrology.com they will constuct a chart, give you the aspects, and also interpret the whole thing. And its a good source of information about many astrology topics. the limitation is that they don’t do foreign countries outside the U.S.

Answer by virendra t-Jyotish Shiromani


How is it that horoscopes are so accurate?

I don’t know how much of it I believe, but some stuff I can’t help but believe. As far as descriptions of “who you are” personality wise, all the descriptions I find are extremely accurate. (I also checked for my family members just to see and it was right on). How is this possible? I’m a Scorpio, and a lot of the personality traits are very true. What is it about horoscopes that can define ones personality so well?
Most detailed answer wins.

Answer by Secrets
Alot of time and effort has gone into research.

Answer by i♥♪♫
I believe… that God created it all. Using the planets, stars and numbers. I just learned about all of this this past June and I’m hooked. It all connects with Numerology as well. Its amazing. I’m supposed to be a Christian and I hear its a sin, but this stuff seems like the only thing that hasn’t lied to me. So, I really don’t know.

Answer by KurvyKutie
Well, im not sure i’ll win because i don’t have details but i definately CONCUR! Im a scorpio too and i think that horoscopes are very accurate. I would say about 85% to 90% accurate in most cases. Have a nice day! 😉


Where can I find a quick summary of the monthly horoscopes?

I am typing a newsletter for the apartment complex that I work at, & I want to add in the monthly horoscopes for each sign! I can’t find a website that offers it though!

Answer by azndave
seriously, you don’t want to read horoscopes. they are completely stupid. how can 1/12th of the world have the same personality and interests???

Answer by Jessica
try here.


Answer by Maya
http://www.psychicguild.com/Monthly-Horoscope/ try that it has daily, weekly, monthly and yearly horoscopes among other types of horoscopes such as health or love horoscopes gd luck!